A Force for Good

I am just one person, but I can make people happy. I can put a smile on someones face. I can serve someone in need. I can offer a kind compliment. I can listen to someone who needs to talk. I can be a helping hand. I can love and pray for others.

I can be a force for good.

The other day I was laying in bed and my mind turned to all the tragedy, heartache and evil happening around the world. I had said to my husband I hate that it feels like you can’t get on Social Media or the internet without seeing/hearing news of another horrible tragedy. Then my mind started turning towards myself – what can I do to help? Ok, realistically I can’t do anything that will help, but I can put positivity out there instead of negativity. As a blogger and avid Twitter and Instagram poster, I can make sure my content is happy. I can try to post things that put a smile on peoples faces and a little joy into their hearts rather than the gut-wrenching news thats so easy to find, lately. I obviously cannot guarantee you won’t still see the bad, sad stuff, but I can at least be something positive.

I can be a force for good!

I can’t save the world. I can’t change the world. But I can be a little light in the world. My tiny corner of the internet, my home, my friendship, my family, my example, my attitude, my advice, my interactions with others – all can be a light in a darkening world.

I can be a force for good!

A couple weeks ago my cousin left on his LDS Mission and in his farewell talk he said something that really stuck out to me. He said, “Wherever we stand, we can choose to turns towards God.” This really calmed my ever-stressed, anxiety filled heart and mind. I can choose to be terrified every day and let fear consume me, or I can wake up each morning and decide to be turned towards God throughout the day. I can choose to trust in His word, trust in His plan and trust that He will keep me and my family safe and protected. I can trust that He will direct me for good. I can exercise my faith in His will and  know I will have made the right choice. My Heavenly Father can help me be a light. He can help me be a force for good.

I hope my posts and pictures can bring a little joy to your day. If we know each other personally, I hope our friendship or acquaintanceship is a happy one and that I am kind to you and leave you feeling better about yourself. If we only talk through comments, etc, I hope I am positive and cheery. I want to be something good in this world and I’m going to try harder every day to do this.

Because I can be a force for GOOD!




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