My family has a condo in a tiny, beautiful little town in the mountains called Eden and I adore it with all my heart. We were able to spend a few days there and I’m already itching to go back. Its so therapeutic and relaxing to just get out of your house, get away for a while and unwind. It was perfect. H was so good and enjoyed his time, too. We went with my dad and some of Wild Man’s family members and friends and there was a lot of golfing. H and I rode along for the 27 holes played and I was completely impressed with how good he was the entire time. 27 holes is a long time to be in a golf cart! He happily played with the steering wheel, watched as the guys golfed and occasionally played in the grass. It was really fun – we joked that H actually handled golfing 27 holes better than some of the grown men did! I’m so glad we had a fun little vacation. These need to happen more often.





Ugh, Running

So I’m back to my pre-pregnancy baby weight. I know I will never have my pre-baby body back completely, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t work on getting this post-baby jiggly wiggly belly goo to go away. I have been good about daily workouts but lately I have also been implementing early morning runs with H. I figure since he’s not sleeping well at all and typically wakes up wayyyyy too early for my liking I might as well make the most of our early mornings.

I freaking hate running. Every single step I take my brains moving a mile a minute saying ‘i hate this i hate this i hate this this sucks this sucks ew ew ow ow ugh i hate this‘ but believe it or not once in my life I actually liked running, I actually think I loved it. I was on the cross country and track teams and I felt that runners high you hear about. My goal is to get that feeling back somehow and I’m pretty sure the only way to get even remotely near that goal is to…ugh…run.

I’m digging deep to find that motivation and honestly sometimes the only way I’m able to get myself out the door is reminding myself how cute H is bundled in the stroller and how sweet his little noises are as we run around. But question – how do you motivate yourselves? Because sometimes not even sweet baby H is enough motivation to get me moving. Any and all advice is gladly, happily welcome.




Peace Out, Summer

Most people have started school by now, so I think I’m ok in saying Summer is over. This gives me a range of emotions, but mostly I am excited. I won’t miss being sweaty and I especially won’t miss trying to find a way to make bermuda shorts look good on me. I will miss the abundance of family activities, getaways and adventures, having my sisters, nieces and nephews home from school and being able to walk outside without shoes on and being able to lay a blanket in the grass and just soak up the sun – then theres my favorite part of summer – my families pool, which is 100% more fun now with the Captain in the family. Summer is awesome and it will be dearly missed…


But I LOVE Fall and I LOVE Winter. September through December are my very favorite months and I honestly cannot wait for them! The smells, the food, the traditions.. I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it. The only thing I’m not entirely looking forward to is November 20th when my baby turns one!! But lets not talk about that right now.

So anyway. Bring on the cooler weather, boots, cardigans, crispy leaves, delicious smells and the greatest seasons ever.



Mom and Dad

If you know me personally then its no secret to you that I’m my parents biggest fan. I mean, obviously I am biased, but I swear they’re the best parents ever. They’ve always been phenomenal examples to me, but it wasn’t until I got married that I viewed them in a new, different way. The day I got married they also became total #marriagegoals for me because I think they have a perfect, raw and real relationship. Lately I have been thinking a lot about the things I have learned from observing their marriage and realized just how lucky I am to be able to watch such a strong, awesome marriage for the past 25 years and counting.

(this is one of my very favorite pictures of my parents from when they were dating)



  • Be real with your spouse. Say whats on your mind, bring a matter up thats bothering you, express what you like and don’t like and don’t be shy about being your real self with your own real, unique opinions and thoughts.
  • Laugh with each other. I love seeing my parents laugh with each other. You can just tell it drives them closer together and bonds them even more. Because of this I have always tried to make sure Wild Man and I have at least one good laugh a day.
  • It isn’t always sunshine and rainbows and thats ok. There will be arguments and disagreements and life won’t always be a piece of cake – but the thing about a good marriage is you figure out how to work with each other during the darker times and once the light starts shining again, you come out even stronger.
  • Take time to be with each other. My parents go on dates with each other a lot and I know that is special, exciting times for them.
  • Communicate. Nothing ever is solved or gets fixed by giving each other the silent treatment.
  • Don’t be so serious. Its boring to be serious. Have fun with each other, have inside jokes, be sarcastic. Make your marriage fun and lively.
  • Be realistic. Sometimes you’re going to have to have awkward conversations, you’re going to have to admit to doing stupid things, you’ll have to be 100% open and honest with this person and it can be scary. From observing my parents I’ve learned that they have accepted the fact that marriage doesn’t solve every problem – it creates a lot, it brings about challenges and it requires hard work, embarrassing moments and a lot of vulnerability and bravery. Once you accept that (or start working towards accepting that) things are going to go a lot smoother!
  • Take vacations. In our family, 9 times out of 10 this means go to Disneyland or Disney World. You know how vacations are though, they’re bonding, exciting, full of energy and create awesome memories you can’t always make back at home.
  • Say ‘I love you.’ I know this is common knowledge but I have vivid memories of my parents telling each other this and thinking about how cool it was that my parents loved each other. I know not all children have this, so I make sure to count this as one of my blessings and I hope my children will too as they hear Wild Man and I say it to one another.
  • Be best friends. You’ve vowed to stick with this person forever and thats a huge deal. Can you imagine not being BFF’s with your spouse? I’m comforted in knowing that someday when my parents become empty-nesters they’ll still be so happy because they’ll have each other.



Magical Monday: Sounds

A while ago my family and I spent a whole Sunday dinner discussing our favorite sounds we hear in Disneyland/California Adventure. This is one of my new favorite Disney topics now because there are SO many sounds and its actually really, really hard to narrow your favorite Disney sounds down to 5 (which is what we did).

My top 5 favorite Disney sounds are:

5. The skeleton head that talks above the first drop in Pirates of the Caribbean – my personal fav is when he says, “Psst, you come seeking adventure and salty ol’ pirates ay?”

4. The music outside of Haunted Mansion

3. When you’re standing in the perfect spot in Fantasyland and you can hear the seagulls from Nemo’s Voyage saying ‘mine, mine, mine’, the Matterhorn and the occasional monorail zooming by


2. The Tiki Room – all of it – outside, inside, its all the best

1. The music you hear as you walk down Main Street – there is something crazy magical about that

What are your favorite sounds?



A Fairy Tale Day

thanks timehop for this picture collage i put together 3 years ago

On August 17, 2012 Wild Man and I got engaged. I know its kind of silly to make a big deal out of every anniversary that comes around – but our engagement has always been so special to me. Yesterday was our four year anniversary of our engagement and as I was thinking about that great evening I couldn’t help but also think about how smart I am to have said YES to the perfect proposal to spend the rest of my life (and beyond) with such a phenomenal man.

You know this already – I’m a Disney fan. You may not know that Up is my favorite Disney movie. Wild Man took these pieces of knowledge and planned the most perfect, magical proposal – better than anything I could have ever dream or hope for.

He picked me up from my parents house in a barrel train pulled by a four-wheeler that his mom drove. I just thought we were going for a little ride in it and happily rode around the neighborhood. Then his mom pulled into a park, told us to get out and that we only had a one-way ticket. We got out and she left. I was confused but Wild Man seemed calm about it all so I just followed him deeper into the park. He eventually led me to a table that was covered in multi colored balloons and a few other things. In all honesty I thought a little kid at the nearby playground was having a birthday party and this was the table they’d reserved, so I was really puzzled when Wild Man went and sat down at the table. I sat beside him and he pulled out a box and inside the box was a book, our own Adventure Book (like from the movie, Up – also all the multi colored balloons are from the movie, Up, as well). We sat at the table and Wild Man had his arm around me. I read the book out loud, still not suspecting anything I just thought my boyfriend was doing something sweet for me because he often did cute things like this.

Finally, I got to the last page and there was a short, sweet message on it – he stated we’d been on many adventures and he never wanted them to stop, the last thing on the page, “Will you marry me?”

Wild Man got on one knee in front of me and I’m fairly certain I went into shock. I remember covering my face with the book and starting to cry. Of course I said YES!!! He put a beautiful ring on my finger and gave me a huge bouquet of flowers and his brother and best friend came out from behind some bushes and trees (they’d been filming and taking pictures) hooting and hollering. It was perfect.

I just feel so lucky that my husband is so observant. He paid attention to what I loved and even though he really dislikes mushy, lovey-dovey stuff, he knows I adore it and he tailored all of this to give me the sweetest, most perfect proposal!



Fresh Face

Being a Master Esthetician, I get this question a LOT: What can I do to make my skin look better? Unless they have mentioned specific skin needs to me, 99% of the time I give the same answer. Its what I do (or try to do) and it works for me! A lot of it is common knowledge and you’ve surely been hearing it since you were a little kid – but thats because it really does work! So in case you needed a refresher on those frequently repeated facts, here is a simple guide on how to keep your skin looking and feeling fresh, beautiful and youthful.

Drink Water: This is good for you for a plethora of reasons, but one of those reasons is that it keeps your skin so youthful, soft, healthy and clean. My husband is the most perfect example of this. He is older than anyone ever guesses he is. If people are guessing his age they are always guessing he is 5+ (no joke) years younger than he actually is and thats not just because he is still a kid at heart. It is because that man guzzles water like its going out of style every single day. He never has acne, his skin isn’t oily and it isn’t dry, its smooth, soft and so healthy and I know its because of the water he drinks (and that he’s awesome and washes, moisturizes, sunscreens and cares for his face).

Get Enough Sleep: Beauty sleep is a real thing, people. While you sleep your skin is being repaired and cared for by your own body. The more sleep you get, the more TLC your skin gets. The less sleep…you get the picture.

Wear Sunscreen: I could write a 600 page novel on this topic. Wear. Your. Sunscreen!! I don’t care if you tan and never burn. I don’t care if its cloudy outside. I don’t care if its October and you burn more in the Summer. Wear your sunscreen!! The simple truth is, if the sun is out, hidden by clouds or not, it is shining and its rays are touching you – yes you – no one is immune from this. Unless you want to look like an old, wrinkly piece of leather when you’re older then you should be doing everything in your power to protect your precious skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

Take Your Make Up Off: Your skin needs a chance to breathe, free of any heavy products (such as make up). Sleeping with a clean face is helping aid in your quest to look younger for longer. I had an instructor tell me in Esthetic school once that sleeping with your make up on is giving your skin permission to speed up the aging process. Why would anyone want that, you know? So although you may be tired or lazy, I promise the extra step will be worth it. Your future, older self will thank you for this.

Wear Moisturizer: Your skin needs this. Just like everything else I’ve talked about, it is another vital step in keeping your skin healthy, strong, smooth and clear. I am particularly fond of moisturizers with SPF in them during the day and really love a good, thick moisturizer for night time.

See? How easy is that!! Of course there are other, more in-depth tips and tricks (that I’d be happy to post about if thats something you’d like..) but these are the basics and I promise if you use them there will be a difference in your pretty little faces.