Sweet Baby Stinker H

When we got home from Lake Powell I vowed to myself, Wild Man, H and anyone else who would listen that we were finally going to get H to sleep in his own room – in his crib. I am totally a supporter and a fan of co-sleeping and of course we are going to still do that from time to time, but he is 8.5 months old and I want him to be comfortable in his crib and for him to take good, solid naps in there and sleep the whole (or majority of the) night. For so long this has seemed like the impossible goal. I get so easily discouraged about this and after asking around, getting advice from all sorts of other Mommy Bloggers I have decided to be diligent in this goal.

After Powell I let H sleep one more night in bed with us, then we got onto real crib training. I hated it, but we did the cry it out method. I was ready for a long, awful, emotional night but much to my surprise he cried for maybe 15 minutes and was out and slept until 4:30am! We were so thrilled!

We have been good about our night time ritual. At 9 o’clock we start winding down. We try to make sure we are home, we give H a bath then lotion him, get him in his pajamas, read 2-3 books, say our family prayers then I nurse him and stick him in his crib. He’s either fallen right to sleep or cried for a little bit, but ultimately this has worked awesome for us.

I have to mention the Owlet, too. This is a little monitor we stick on his foot at night and it tracks his heart rate and oxygen level. I can check these levels on my phone whenever I want. This has given my anxiety-filled heart so much peace of mind. I love knowing an alert will sound if something is wrong with my baby, so I’m able to get some solid sleep in. Its a miraculous invention and I highly, highly, highly recommend this incredible product.

Anyway.. We were doing awesome for a week. Then two days ago I don’t know what happened. Everything is ruined. K, not everything. But our precious schedule is skewed somehow and I want to go back to the way things were before. H doesn’t really want to nap, anymore. He fights them so hard and has rarely gone over an hour long nap in a while. We get him to bed around 9:30 and usually he’ll sleep until 3 or 4 am but now he wakes up at like 11pm screaming! And he’s really hard to get back to sleep. Its so frustrating because not long ago he was rocking his perfect schedule.

Everyone assures me it’ll all go back to normal eventually. But I just had to complain.

Also, H has decided he is a big boy and no longer needs baby food. Or most food, really. He used to be the champion baby food eater. But then he just decided he was past that point in his life. So we started feeding him real solids – bananas, watermelon, raspberries, cereal, etc, and now he doesn’t want those either! Stinker. He will eat snacks upon snacks upon snacks (he got that from his mom – shoot) and has no interest in any other food. Except breast milk, of course. This boy is ALL about nursing and I think he’d happily let my milk be his sole food source for the foreseeable future.

Again, I’m sure this is a phase and he’ll decide to eat food good again soon. But again… I needed to complain somewhere.

Babies are funny. Just when you think you’ve got them figured out they decide to change everything up on you!

Gotta love it.



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