Bedtime Routine

I feel like this post needs a disclaimer. I am not a sleep training expert in the least. I very easily throw in the towel when H is crying in his crib and bring him in to sleep with us and only recently have I really started being strict about a schedule for him. So don’t think this is any form of professional advice – this is just what has worked (surprisingly well) for us.

Being a mom is so fun because you get to talk to other moms and bounce ideas off of each other, hear how they mom and share how you mom. Its way fun for me. The other day a couple friends and I were talking about crib training our little ones. Some were rocking it and some were feeling defeated. I feel like I’m somewhere in the middle but on the up-and-up.


  • Every night we start our routine as close to 9pm as possible
  • We start with bath time – I let H play for a little bit because he loves bath time and splashing as much and as fast as he can
  • Then we take him into his room, lotion his body, clean his ears, brush his hair and put his diaper and pajamas on, put our Owlet Monitor on his foot and give him his binky
  • Then either me or Wild Man sit in the chair in his bedroom, stick H on our lap and read 2-3 books
  • We have family prayer – soon I would also like to do a little scripture study before we say prayer
  • Then Wild Man turns out the lights and I sit in the chair and nurse Harrison (and play on my phone)
  • After 10-15 minutes he is either asleep or very close to it and I lay him in his crib. 99% of the time he wakes up when I do this but I just leave him be in his crib
  • We sort of cry it out. I anticipated the whole cry it out ordeal to be awful but H is rocking it and only cries for 15 minutes tops before he falls asleep (then typically wakes up around 5am)
  • I also make sure he always has his Mickey Mouse plush in his crib with him. I read somewhere to make sure they have something familiar and comforting in the crib with them so we chose Mickey. I also like him having something to snuggle with in his crib because when he sleeps in our bed he cuddles up tight with one of us and I think now he’s used to having someone/something close to him, so when he’s in his crib that something is Mickey and its been working great so far

The whole routine usually ends around 9:30 or 9:45 and it leaves Wild Man and I a few hours to ourselves before we also go to bed. I’m so glad this schedule thing is finally working. Of course there are still the nights where nothing goes according to plan and H wakes up at 1am screaming, but for the most part it goes really well. Hooray! Sticking to a schedule and always trying to start at 9pm has probably been the most useful tool. Around 8:30 I can tell H starts to get tired, whereas before we started to do this some nights he’d go down for the night around 8 and other nights he’d finally fall asleep around midnight. Sticking to a time has been perfect for us.

How have you “crib trained” your little one?!



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