A Fairy Tale Day

thanks timehop for this picture collage i put together 3 years ago

On August 17, 2012 Wild Man and I got engaged. I know its kind of silly to make a big deal out of every anniversary that comes around – but our engagement has always been so special to me. Yesterday was our four year anniversary of our engagement and as I was thinking about that great evening I couldn’t help but also think about how smart I am to have said YES to the perfect proposal to spend the rest of my life (and beyond) with such a phenomenal man.

You know this already – I’m a Disney fan. You may not know that Up is my favorite Disney movie. Wild Man took these pieces of knowledge and planned the most perfect, magical proposal – better than anything I could have ever dream or hope for.

He picked me up from my parents house in a barrel train pulled by a four-wheeler that his mom drove. I just thought we were going for a little ride in it and happily rode around the neighborhood. Then his mom pulled into a park, told us to get out and that we only had a one-way ticket. We got out and she left. I was confused but Wild Man seemed calm about it all so I just followed him deeper into the park. He eventually led me to a table that was covered in multi colored balloons and a few other things. In all honesty I thought a little kid at the nearby playground was having a birthday party and this was the table they’d reserved, so I was really puzzled when Wild Man went and sat down at the table. I sat beside him and he pulled out a box and inside the box was a book, our own Adventure Book (like from the movie, Up – also all the multi colored balloons are from the movie, Up, as well). We sat at the table and Wild Man had his arm around me. I read the book out loud, still not suspecting anything I just thought my boyfriend was doing something sweet for me because he often did cute things like this.

Finally, I got to the last page and there was a short, sweet message on it – he stated we’d been on many adventures and he never wanted them to stop, the last thing on the page, “Will you marry me?”

Wild Man got on one knee in front of me and I’m fairly certain I went into shock. I remember covering my face with the book and starting to cry. Of course I said YES!!! He put a beautiful ring on my finger and gave me a huge bouquet of flowers and his brother and best friend came out from behind some bushes and trees (they’d been filming and taking pictures) hooting and hollering. It was perfect.

I just feel so lucky that my husband is so observant. He paid attention to what I loved and even though he really dislikes mushy, lovey-dovey stuff, he knows I adore it and he tailored all of this to give me the sweetest, most perfect proposal!



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