Magical Monday: Sounds

A while ago my family and I spent a whole Sunday dinner discussing our favorite sounds we hear in Disneyland/California Adventure. This is one of my new favorite Disney topics now because there are SO many sounds and its actually really, really hard to narrow your favorite Disney sounds down to 5 (which is what we did).

My top 5 favorite Disney sounds are:

5. The skeleton head that talks above the first drop in Pirates of the Caribbean – my personal fav is when he says, “Psst, you come seeking adventure and salty ol’ pirates ay?”

4. The music outside of Haunted Mansion

3. When you’re standing in the perfect spot in Fantasyland and you can hear the seagulls from Nemo’s Voyage saying ‘mine, mine, mine’, the Matterhorn and the occasional monorail zooming by


2. The Tiki Room – all of it – outside, inside, its all the best

1. The music you hear as you walk down Main Street – there is something crazy magical about that

What are your favorite sounds?



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