In Progress


I’ve decided to really focus on my own spirituality and growing my testimony this month. I have re-dedicated myself to becoming a better wife and mother and am trying to actively be a better person. Its a process, there is a lot of learning and patience involved, but I’m in progress. I have talked about @havejoy_therapy Instagram account before and still, its one of my very favorite accounts. I love the positivity it gives, the motivation and the happiness it brings me. A couple days ago I found this quote on their page and it got me. This has become my new motto and I plan to keep it my motto for a long, long time.

“She talked to God daily and thats what made her lovely”

I am so moved by this and am so excited I found it. Outer beauty is awesome and something I always want, but I know inner beauty is the more important form of beauty and I know its much easier to achieve if I have a strong, healthy relationship with my Heavenly Father. You know how there are those people who you meet and you can just feel how in tune with the spirit they are? One of my goals has always been to be a person like this. I hope as I focus on my testimony and growing and progressing spiritually I can become this kind of person.



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