Magical Monday: Waiting in Line

This is another of my top five opinions. This week I’m talking about my top five favorite rides to wait in line for. Disney has some incredible lines so this was actually pretty hard, but I’m quite pleased with my picks.

*these photos are NOT mine – i found them all off of Pinterest – i take no photo credit*

5: Splash Mountain: This line can get looooong, so I’m really only fond of it when you can ride it with a Fast Pass so you can cruise through the line. But I love this line because its so clever. I love that its themed perfectly with the ride, I love the little quotes throughout the ride and I love the views. Every once in a while throughout the line there are these awesome lookouts and its so fun to look over the park from a different perspective. I also love once you’re very close to getting on your log to ride and how there are little peep holes showing you you’re getting closer to the front of the line.


4: Alice in Wonderland: Ok, the line itself is actually pretty boring. Its your typical tightly packed back and fourth Fantasyland line, but I love the stuff around this line. The colors of Alice in Wonderland and the nearby Teacups are so bright and happy and give so much to look at. Plus you know you’re about to get on Alice in Wonderland which is one of Disney’s best rides if you ask me.




3: Monsters Inc. Mike and Sulley to the Rescue: This line is awesome. I’ve heard rumor that this ride will be knocked down in the future (sad) but we aren’t going to think about that right now. First of all, the outside of this ride (pictured below) is freaking incredible. I don’t care how many times I’ve seen it, I always have to stop, take a picture and oogle at it for a few minutes every time we are near it. The line is also so clever. Take the time to read the stuff on the walls – you won’t regret it. It cracks me up. This line is usually very short so you can typically walk straight to the front of the line, but its worth it to walk slowly through the line to read everything, promise.


2: Indiana Jones: Duh. Disney was on their A-game when they created this line. You are immersed in the world of Indiana Jones immediately. You’re in the jungle and going into the Temple, no doubt about it. Its the perfect amount of spooky, creepy and insanely creative. This line is a family favorite and we have several inside jokes and challenges inside. I even have memories of being a little girl and being completely amazed at this line. So good.


1: Haunted Mansion: This line is everything to me. The whole time you wait outside you can hear the scary music playing and you see all the tomb stones, etc. Then once you enter the Haunted Mansion its mind blowing. The stretching room (is this room actually stretching? or is it your imagination?), the hallway with the changing pictures, the busts that watch you… It never gets old. Its amazing just how much detail is in this line. Then you add the music and sounds surrounding you and it really cannot be beat.


Honorable Mention: Tower of Terror: You already know my feelings of great sadness that this ride will be only a memory in the future (closing down January 2, 2017) and I swear half the reason I’m so sad is because of the picture below. The lobby of this hotel is awesome. I’m always a little bummed the line isn’t usually backed up this far so you don’t get to really take it all in. Like Haunted Mansion, there was an incredible attention to detail in this line. I love that it really does look like everyone just disappeared from this place and their belongings were all left where they were. The library is also very fascinating and captivating to me. Then you go to the boiler room where you wait to be seated in the elevator (if you dare) and there is just as much to look at and marvel over there. Good job Disney. I’ll miss you, Tower of Terror.


What are YOUR favorite lines?!



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