FEAST Upon the Words of Christ

Have you ever heard how we need to feast upon the words of Christ? I have a funny little story to go with that phrase.

Last Sunday we were all dressed and ready for church which starts at 11. At 10:50 H fell fast asleep. Naps are tough lately, so I wasn’t about to wake him up. We made the decision that Wild Man would go to church and I’d stay back with our sleeping buddy. A while later he woke up and we played together on the floor. He must have felt guilty about missing church, because his favorite toy was The Book of Mormon. He had this little Book of Mormon slobbered on, pages were crumpled and it was a mess. Then the little stinker ripped a page out of the book! (a page in Alma, if you wondered) and — he feasted on the words of Christ. He straight up took a bite out of the page. I’m 99% sure I got it all out of his mouth, but theres a chance a little bit made it into his belly. Babies are funny. We have taken on a very literal understanding of the scriptures in this house!





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