Sister Love Post

I have two darling little sisters. One is fourteen and one turns eighteen today! (happy birthday bud!!)

I can’t help but feel all giddy about how fortunate I am to be their big sister. I am eight years older than one sister and eleven years older than the other and thats obviously a really big gap. Being an only child for so long was not my favorite, but these two were SO worth the wait. I actually love being so much older than them because I am able to remember their whole lives – like I vividly remember the days they were both born and I can remember the big moments in their lives and I truly feel like a second mom to them. They are my best friends and I have people ask me all the time how you can be so close with people eight and eleven years younger than you – and I want to smack those people. We have always been thick as thieves (thats the phrase, right?) and its going to always stay that way. They are the greatest sisters and they are the greatest, cutest, most loving and fun aunts to The Captain.

Thanks for being my sisters, gals.




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