Wild Man Appreciation

Before I say anything in the post I just have to mention this awesome weather! Utah most definitely got the memo that it is FALL and this could not make me more happy.

Ok. Onto the post.

I feel like my heart is always full because of the life I have been given. I am very fortunate to live such a nice, happy life. But every once in a while I feel like I am even more aware of how blessed I am. Maybe this is because I’ve been excitedly preparing for General Conference (eep!!) and praying about/for my family more, but lately I truly just can’t get over how LUCKY I am to have my husband. Fair warning *the rest of this post is about to get real cheesy*

I named my husband ‘Wild Man’ on the blog because he is so adventurous, always on the go, fearless and full to the top of energy. He is exciting, passionate, full of life, incredibly caring and selfless, energetic and kind. One of my very, very favorite things about him though is his big heart and what a hard worker he is. I don’t give him nearly enough credit for how amazing he is. I am so thankful for the dedication he has to our family. He is very humble and doesn’t really like to share exactly what he is currently doing that is so selfless, strenuous and involves SO much work for the benefit of our family, so I will respect his wishes and not share it. But believe me, if it were up to me I would scream from the rooftops and brag about him and all he is doing for our family. He is incredible and I have been so moved as I watch him work for our family.

He is the greatest husband. He always puts me first, even when I beg him not to. I always tell people he isn’t the stereotypical husband. He helps in the house SO much, always willing to clean up, do dishes, make the bed, do laundry, etc. (he’s also not the typical man because when he’s sick, instead of whining and burying himself in the bed, he is still up and moving and working) He is my best friend and I love that he can read me even when I say no words and he is the best listener. I love being 100% comfortable going to him with ANYTHING and knowing he will listen closely, give me good, well thought out advice and help me in any way he can. Since having our baby ten months ago my anxiety has been really bad and Wild Man has always been the one who can talk me out of my attacks, helps me feel sane again and reminds me everything is ok. I would be a miserable wreck without this guy.

Watching him become a dad has been phenomenal. When I was pregnant with H, Wild Man would tell me a lot that he was nervous about being a dad. He was worried he wouldn’t know what to do with the baby and that he wouldn’t be the best dad. Well I am telling you he is the BEST of the BEST. The second H was born and the role of ‘dad’ was placed upon him, he just shined and the shine hasn’t stopped. He loves being a dad. He is really passionate about this calling and he values and cherishes this. The love he has for our son is incredible and I hope our children always know that they are so, so loved and they have a father who is their biggest fan and loves them beyond comprehension.

I know this post is random and mushy, but I couldn’t go any longer without publicly announcing just how wonderful of a man I married.

Thank you Wild Man for all you do for me, for H and for our family. Your hard work absolutely does not go unnoticed. I am so grateful for you and I am very blessed to be your wife. I love you!




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