Magical Monday: My Favorites and Why

When people find out I am a ‘Disney Person,’ 99% of the time they then ask what my favorite ride is. This is a loaded question because picking a single favorite for me is like pulling teeth because Disney’s attractions are all so great that it makes it nearly impossible to choose a favorite. So I have decided to select my top 5’s. Since I’ve really only been focusing on Disneyland and California Adventure on Magical Monday’s so far (I need to put in some Disney World posts, don’t you think? – i’ll get on that) I’m going to share my top 5 favorite rides from both of those parks and give a brief explanation as to why I’ve picked that as one of my favorites.


5. California Screaming’: I feel like this ride is on the top of a lot of peoples list and I’m sure my reasons for loving it aren’t any different than everyone else’s. Its a ride that gets your adrenaline pumping, its fast, there isn’t a bad seat to be in, it has some great views and its actually a decently long roller-coaster.

4. Toy Story Midway Mania: I always look forward to this ride (i don’t always look forward to the line though..) Its fun to try and outscore your last round, be the best aim in your car and try to unlock all the easter eggs. My family is pretty great at this game, not to brag.


3. Ariel’s Undersea Adventure: Ariel is tied with Belle for my favorite princess, so its pretty obvious that this would be one of my favorites. Its a slow ride, its a nice break from the California heat, its bright and colorful and has magical music, its a fun splash into The Little Mermaid and I would honestly be happy to ride this over and over and over.


2. Tower of Terror: Ugh I hate that this ride only has a few months left before its changed forever (read about that here) but lets not think about that. This ride is one I look forward to long before we even leave for a Disneyland vacation.  Its spooky, its a classic Disney ride, and there is no cooler feeling than when you’re dropping and flying off your seat.

1. Radiator Springs Racers: The attention to detail on this ride is incredible. This ride incapsulates Disney magic. You are literally put into the world of Radiator Springs when you are on this ride. I never am not amazed by this ride even though I’ve been on it so many times.


5. Small World: My number five always used to be Pirates of the Caribbean until I had a kid of my own. Seeing H in this ride is enough reason to call this my all-time favorite ride. We sing this song 1,000 times a day, the ride is a classic, so clever, happy, bright and I actually like the song being stuck in my head (probably in the minority there). Its a happy, long ride thats a Disney staple.


4. Indiana Jones: You’re told not to look into the Eye of Mara. But I can’t imagine the ride would be very fun if you didn’t 😉 This is a family favorite. We have inside jokes and lots of laugh here. The car you ride on is a special design that makes you riding experience unique from anything else you’ve rode on before. I love how jerky, fast and wild this ride is.

3. Alice in Wonderland: Alice in Wonderland has always been one of my favorite Disney animated movies. I love the colors, I love Alice’s personality, I love the story (as crazy as it is). I love riding in your caterpillar car and my very favorite part is when you ride outside, down the long leaf – if you’ve been there you know what I’m talking about and you know how cute it is.

2. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad: “Hang on to your hats and glasses ’cause this heres the wildest ride in the wilderness!” This ride is everything. I adore it. It doesn’t matter how long the line is, its always worth it. This is that fast train ride you see on all Disney’s commercials, and yes, it is as fun and exciting as it looks. Fun Fact: The back is best. Trust me.


1. Haunted Mansion: My all time, #1 favorite ride is Haunted Mansion! Everything about it sucks me in and I can’t get enough. Its spooky and creative, I love the storylines inside and the amount of imagination put into it. I love that a lot is left unsaid so you get to brainstorm your own stories, or stay up late and lose sleep over the frustration of not knowing the story of the mansion 😉 Its a long, relaxing ride and there is so much to look at. Then there is just the look of it all. There is nothing bad about this place and I will happily be a foolish mortal who visits again and again, forever.




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