My Costume Wigs

Halloween is fast approaching and you know what Halloween means – COSTUMES! It doesn’t matter how old you are, dressing up on Halloween (or heck, all throughout October!!) is always fun and really adds to your Halloween/October/festive experience. While we are on the topic, lets talking about upping your Halloween Costume game. I have the perfect answer for you.

My Costume Wigs


*i was given permission by My Costume Wigs to use these images from their website*

My Costume Wigs is a great, friendly company that sells a huge variety of costume wigs. They are dedicated to making your purchasing process easy and seamless, their Customer Service is awesome and their products are fantastic! One of My Costume Wigs great wigs could inspire a costume or it can be the perfect finishing touch to an already planned costume. I also feel it necessary to say that these wigs fit. I have a big head and very thick hair and I can still get the wigs on (though it can take some work) with the help of a wig cap, which they also sell. As an added bonus, when you visit the site you just might recognize one of their models!:)

Make sure you check them out before Halloween so you can make your costume that much better! You know you want to.





One thought on “My Costume Wigs

  1. Thank you for your kind words and your awesome modeling skills! We are happy to help your viewers find the perfect Halloween wig for their Costume! We will offer a friends and family discount of 20% off the order with coupon code TAKE20. Happy Halloween!

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