General Conference


Last weekend was General Conference and I am currently still riding the indescribable high that it gave me. I am 1000% motivated to be a better more Christlike person. And honesty time, one of the questions I took to General Conference with me was how can I be a force for good on my blog? I was inspired a billion times with things to write about, with messages I can share and with stories I can tell. I’ve mentioned recently that I have had writers block lately and thanks to General Conference and the Spirit, I am FULL of inspiration for the blog now. See? The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-Day Saints is good for your soul, your life and your blog.

We typically go to a beautiful place called Eden to watch General Conference. My family has a condo there up in the mountains and it is my happy place. Its secluded, the mountain air is refreshing and its a perfect getaway. Then you add on top of that, we were there to watch General Conference! Perfect. Weekend.

I will say, watching General Conference attentively is a lot more difficult when you have a mobile baby. Last Conference (april 2016) H was tiny and only rolling, so I could still actively take notes and pay attention. This time around was a different story. I love taking notes during Conference but I learned pretty quickly that I couldn’t and just had to rely on my brain remembering things and the quick tweets I could send off or retweet as I chased H through the condo and saved him from sticking his fingers in all the outlets. Such is life with kids, eh?



My overall take away from October 2016’s General Conference is this: Be patient, understanding, recognize that people have their agency and put extra emphasis on striving to be Christlike. I was reminded how important it is to continue writing in my journal. I was so excited to hear a talk about not comparing – because heaven knows how bad I am at doing that! There were also a lot of personal revelations I had and am so grateful for the answers that basically jumped out of the tv screen and smacked me in the face. God is good and General Conference is incredible.

I was also greatly reminded of how wonderful family is. I was born and raised into the best family. I married a wonderful man and we have created a beautiful, happy family. I am so blessed.




It was a perfect weekend. My heart is full and I am so excited to start working on these new goals I have set for myself after listening to the inspired words from our church leaders.



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