Magical Monday: Mickeys Halloween Party

*Walt Disney World has a Halloween party as well called, Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party, but we tend to focus on Disneyland on Magical Mondays (we’ll change that soon) so thats what we’ll be chatting about here

Every time you go to Disneyland is magical, but the most magical time to go is during the Fall. Specifically, Halloween time. Oh my gosh. The decorations are incredible, the air is a little cooler and to make it all that much more magical, there is a special event (an event you have to purchase a separate ticket for) that I look forward to every year. (side note: didn’t go last year because I was giant pregnant – probably the one time going to DL is a bad idea) It is called Mickey’s Halloween Party and its simply the best.


It begins in the evening, you are free to dress up (bonus points for Disney costumes, obvs), you trick-or-treat around the park, there is a special firework show and special parade, characters dress up too and you can get your picture with them, but you are still able to go on the rides! Halloween time in Disneyland = the best holiday experience you could possibly have.

We are going this year so I’m going to have a much better, more detailed post about the party later. For now, just know that you should consider a trip during September/October (the Halloween party goes during both months) to Disneyland sometime in your life. Go ahead and put this on your bucket list, peeps.



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