Happy Halloween! (kind of a Magical Monday too…sorta)

The day is finally here! I hope while you’re reading this you’re stuffing your face full of candy. We had our big Halloween Celebration earlier this month in Disneyland and attended Mickey’s Halloween Party, but of course we still are making today a happy (but not scary – i don’t do scary halloween) Halloween! Our costumes were part of a group costume with the rest of my family. There were seven of us total so naturally we had to be the 7 Dwarfs from Snow White. My mom goes all out on making costumes every year and she did an incredible job this year as usual. Although these costumes were a little simpler than her usual craftsmanship because she’d had a big surgery not too long before our trip, they still turned out perfect and we got tons of compliments in the park, lots of people took our pictures and we felt like the coolest people in Disneyland. You can bet we’ll feel that way tonight too when we trick-or-treat to a few houses – even if we will only be three of the seven dwarfs. (fyi: wild man is grumpy, h is dopey, i am happy — my dad was doc, my mom was bashful, one sister was sleepy and the other was sneezy)



I hope your Halloween is great and I hope we all have a wonderful November! Its going to be a busy, exciting month for us!


grumpy, dopey and happy

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