Thanksgiving in California

For Thanksgiving we went to California to visit Wild Man’s brother and wife in the San Francisco area and some of my mother in laws family in Modesto. We spent the week in California and it was such a fun week. I already miss the 24/7 family time (but nothing beats sleeping in your own bed amirite?)

San Francisco was amazing! The Golden Gate Bridge was my favorite. The size of that was incredible and seeing how high up off the water it was, was pretty overwhelming.






We also explored Pacific Wharf for a while and a few of the other iconic tourist attractions. I don’t know what I was thinking but I hardly pulled my camera out so I don’t have as many pictures as I wish I did.



When we were in Modesto for Thanksgiving we took H to a park at one point for a change of scenery and it was a big hit. The slide and swings were his favorite and nothing could beat the huge smile on his face!



Spending all that time with family was incredible. I have so missed Wild Man’s brother and his wife so we were thrilled to spend time with them. We played games, watched funny shows/movies, caught up and the laughs were endless.


I love this picture of his uncle giving him a little shoulder massage.


Out shopping on Black Friday..





First Birthday Party!


On November 20th The Captain turned one and it was such a special day. Our sweet boy was surrounded by family and was reminded of just how loved he is. We were so happy to spend the day with those we love most who all gathered to celebrate our big one year old! We had a fun Mickey Mouse themed party that thrilled the birthday boy (he loves anything with Mickey on it) and made the day even better. We had spaghetti (H’s favorite) for dinner with salad, garlic bread and frog eye salad for dinner. The food was delicious and I’m thankful for my mom and mother in law who helped so much with the meal.



I was hoping that H would get into the gift opening but he was only interested for a few presents then was more interested in crawling away or playing with wrapping paper. So a lot of it was forcing him to sit on my lap while I speed opened his gifts. Our cute little guy was so spoiled and despite the way he may have looked when some of the gifts were opened, he is really into everything he got. Anything that had Mickey on it or was any form of stuffed animal got a great reaction from him, especially.




My little sister made a little ‘photo booth’ for me that we had everyone use and take a picture with the birthday boy and we took pictures with my Instax picture. I am so excited with how these pictures turned out! It is a fun way to remember such a great day.



I was so, so excited when I had a client a few months ago tell me that he would love to bake  cake for H’s birthday party. He owns his own baking catering company and was more than happy to bring my cake vision to life with a great chocolate cake. He even added home made Italian vanilla ice cream! Wild Man and I were so grateful to him to take on this task. The cake was huge and turned out perfect and I’m sure it took so much time. What a great guy, right? Best of all, H loved it and it tasked divine. He also added the cute little yellow smiling candle because he said that every time he sees H, he makes him happy. It was such a sweet little addition.



My other little sister is quite the baker herself and offered to make the smash cake. It was a cute, small Mickey shaped chocolate cake with blue frosting. It turned out perfect! Watching H explore this cake was really funny. At first he wanted nothing to do with it then little by little he started taking bigger bites until finally he was taking fist full of cake and shoving them in his mouth.


And then he got real sick of the high chair and just wanted out…



It was an amazing day! I am humbled by how much love my son has from his family and how cared for he is. I love my sweet baby and can’t believe he’s already one!!



Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I hope your day is full of food, family and fun!

This past year I have been trying really hard to be extra mindful of the things I am thankful for. This is actually pretty easy to do when you have a wonderful husband and incredible one-year old (still shocked its been a year), but its been really eye opening for me. God is so good and has given me so, so much. Far more than I ever deserve. I am thankful for my family, I am thankful for the Gospel in my life, I am thankful for my house, I’m thankful for Wild Man’s job, I am thankful for my job, I am thankful for my families health and safety, I’m thankful for my friends, I’m thankful for the atonement, I’m thankful for Disney, I’m thankful for technology (most the time) and I am thankful for the people who take a few minutes to read my blog.

My heart is full and I am happy.

And by tonight I plan not only for my heart to be full of gratitude, but to have a belly full of turkey, potatoes and pie.



November Beauty Talk

I don’t think I tried any new beauty products in the month of November. It was mostly just rediscovering products I already owned and gave another shot. I’m hoping December brings a lot more make up/skin care/hair product/jewelry/fashion favorites.

LANOLIN: Well, not to get too descriptive, but I’ve been experiencing some major boob pain. You’d think after nursing a whole year I wouldn’t be having fun stuff like this pop up suddenly but that just goes to show you can never be too certain about anything. This Lanolin has been a lifesaver and it goes with me everywhere.


LIPSENSE – GINGERBREAD: This color is so pretty! Its a light brown with lots of shimmer. Its been so fun to pair with my fall outfits.


EARRINGS: You cannot go wrong with Mickey Mouse earrings. These cute, textured earrings are my latest staple. I wear them pretty much every day. They are simple and add a little Disney magic to my day.


SOAP & GLORY – HEEL GENIUS: I’ve already sung Soap & Glory praises on my blog so its no surprise that I’m here loving it again. This is their Heel Genius foot cream and its wonderful. The smell is actually not my favorite, but it works so well. I usually will lather my feet in this before bed, put on a pair of socks and go to sleep (and pray that i can stay asleep with socks on) and the next morning my feet almost feel like H’s bottom.


LUSH – THE KISS LIP SCRUB: With the weather getting colder my lips can use all the exfoliating they can get. I love this sugar scrub. It smells great, tastes great (yes you can eat it/lick it off) and is really cute! It basically looks like pink sparkles with little hearts thrown in.


BLENDING BRUSHES: The pink blush is from Luxie and the black brush is from Bean Gachis Paris. I don’t remember where or when I got these but I’ve just recently started using them again and they’re my two most used shadow brushes. They blend so well, are gentle on your eyelids and clean really well.


L’OREAL – KERASTASE SERUM: I used to use this all the time and I don’t know why I ever stopped. You apply this to damp or dry hair and work it into your hair and it leaves your hair so soft, healthy and shiny. I swear it helps with the thickness too (but don’t quote me on that). There is something so luxurious about this product and I highly recommend giving it a try.


L’OREAL – MAGIC LUMI LIGHT INFUSING PRIMER: This one isn’t a favorite but its not so bad that its on an unfavorite list either. I like this, but I’m coming to accept that maybe I just don’t like the dewey look on my face all the time – which this primer definitely gives. So when I use it I make sure to set my face with a powder so its not so luminous looking. I also like mixing this with another primer which seems to tone down the shine. By itself though, I’m not the hugest fan.




Magical Monday: Our First Time Together

When Wild Man and I went on our first date I remember telling him me and my family were Disney obsessed. We talked about that a little more and I went into some detail, but I don’t think he fully understood exactly what I meant when I said we took our Disney incredibly seriously. As we got to know each other better and he got to know my family better I think he slowly started to realize we were those crazy Disney people. I remember thinking he must really like me when he stared to read Walt Disney’s Autobiography. Maybe it was initially to impress me/my family, but he even admits it was really fascinating and his like of Disney grew a little. After dating several months my family was planning a Disneyland trip and we decided to invite Wild Man. He accepted and everyone was really excited – but little did he know this was a pretty big test for him! He had to prove that he could hang with us in Disneyland and have a good, happy, magical attitude about it! We’d all be paying close attention. The steaks were high.

I am very happy to say that he passed with flying colors. He loved it and I believe it sparked his love of Disney and was the beginning of helping him become one of us die-hards. I’m rather grateful for my Disney-lovin’ husband. Lucky me.

*Fun Fact: Lots of people predicted he’d propose to me on this trip. He didn’t.. He popped the question a few weeks later. 






Big ONE Year Old!

Dear H,

I can’t believe its been one whole year since you were born! You made me a mother and have given me more purpose, happiness, joy and gratitude than I have ever had before. You are our biggest blessing. I can’t tell you how many times your dad and I talk about you after we’ve put you in bed and gush about how much we love you and what a good boy you are. I don’t know how we got just so lucky, but we really did.


You are the happiest little guy. Everyone who knows you comments on your big, happy smile and your sweet little laughs and grins. You’ve always been this way. You are easy, you go with the flow and are so good to take whatever comes your way – I hope you are always this way! You are very aware of your surroundings. We joke that you have FOMO (fear of missing out) because your head is on a constant swivel, making sure you’re surveying everything – absolutely everything – around you. You are curious and inquisitive and you love to explore and get your hands on things. Watching you adventure around whatever location you’re in has become one of my very favorite pastimes.


Your first year of life gave me life. That sounds silly, but its true. I always knew I wanted to be a mom, but you solidified that knowledge and proved to me that it has always been my calling to be a mother. I love my ‘job’ and you make it a breeze. You put a smile on my face every day. We seem to have a connection as a mother and son. You always give me a little extra love, some extra slobbery kisses and head butts on the days I’m feeling a little down or inadequate. I like to think this is your way of telling me you love me.


You are so loved, H. So, so very loved. From the second we found out you were growing inside of my stomach our hearts grew and we created a love for you that was far more powerful than we could have predicted. When you were born that love grew in unexplainable ways and I’m positive both my heart and your dads heart burst. You were what made our family whole. You teach us so much every day. You teach us about whats most important. You teach us about family. You teach us about love. You teach us patience. You teach us genuine happiness. You teach us priorities. You teach us to make the most of each moment.


You love your family and it makes us so grateful. You are happiest when you are home on your own turf with your mom and dad close by. You have always loved your dad and wanted to do what he does. As you’ve got older and more mobile you are better able to be like him. You follow him from room to room, you ‘help’ him with work and chores around the house, you eat when he eats, you want your hands on whatever he’s holding and you love to study him as he moves around the house. I love the relationship the two of you have and I am so anxious to watch where it goes.


You love Disney already. You came into the right family for that! On your trips to Disneyland you’ve been so good and loved looking at all the sights that Disney has to offer. You especially loved meeting characters on our last trip and ever since you have an even greater love for your stuffed animals. You love Disney Junior, especially Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Octonauts and Doc McStuffins. You also enjoy Disney movies such as Finding Dory, Cars 2, Winnie the Pooh and Zootopia. You like watching Disney Park shows on YouTube and get especially excited when Mickey is on screen. You get excited when Mickey Mouse is on your shirt, pants or socks and are sure to show the people around you that you’re wearing him. I’m so glad the Disney gene has gone to you:)


Its amazing how much you’ve learned in one year. You have so many tricks and talents. You feed yourself with your hands really well and you’re trying so hard to be able to feed yourself with a spoon. You can stand and I don’t think walking is too far off. You point at anything and everything. You say mama, dada, wow and ooooooooo all day long. You are a speed crawler and love doing downward dog. You have the cutest little dance moves. You’re a climber and figure out a way how to climb on just about everything. You love knocking on doors, windows, walls and…well, everything. You love to clap and give high-fives. Recently you’ve started to blow on everything and its one of my favorite things ever. One of your biggest crowd pleasers is ‘Go Baby!’ where you raise both hands in fists above your head. You’re so big and so smart.


Your blue eyes get a lot of attention. They’re such a pretty color and everyone loves them. You have a little hair and its mostly blonde but there is red and brown mixed in there too. It will be fun to see what color your hair decides to be.


You may be little, but you are a good helper. Whenever I clean, you want to help. You especially love chasing the vacuum and the broom. You love when its time to fold laundry because taking clothes out of the basket is such a party. Your favorite chore is doing the dishes. If the dish washer is open you are usually sitting on the door and examining (sometimes even slobber-shining) the dishes. You love dishes so much that you are heart broken when its time to close the dishwasher.


You love to be outside. If the door is open then you are making a mad dash for the door. One of our favorite activities is to sit on the rocking chair on the porch and watch the cars drive by, watch birds in the sky and to point at the trees. I have a feeling you’ll be an outdoorsman like your dad.


You are very physical. You have been since you were tiny. You fall asleep the best if someone is touching your face. You like to press your face against others faces. You hold hands, snuggle, pat and pinch (in a nice way) everyone. You are comforted by physical touch and it helps calm you down and make you happy. In turn, your touch is also very calming and makes my heart very happy. When you hold my hand I just melt.


You love to nurse and I don’t think you have any intentions of stopping any time soon and that is fine by me! Nursing is your #1 but you’re slowly getting better with food. You enjoy feeding yourself. You really like chicken, cereal, raspberries, bananas, puffs and other little finger foods. Baby food is a hit or miss. Some flavors you devour and others you detest. Some weeks you are a great eater and some weeks you fight food so hard and it worries me, but somehow I think you can tell and you reluctantly will take a bite or two for me …then demand nursing.


Sleep is another hit or miss with you, darling. Sometimes you take awesome naps (awesome naps for you are twice a day – each nap about 30 minutes to an hour and a half) and you sleep great (going to bed around 9/9:30 and waking up between 3-5 then coming into bed with mom and dad) and other weeks your naps either don’t happen or you take 10-15 minute naps and you barely sleep in your crib and you barely sleep in mom and dads bed. We never know which H we’ll get, but its an exciting adventure either way.


My sweet H, you are my world. You have changed my life and I am a better person because I get the incredible, humbling, beautiful honor of being your mommy. I am in awe of the gentle, kind spirit you are and the happy, light presence you are in this family. I hope that never changes. I hope as you grow older that you stay happy, I hope you stay aware of other people and care for them and strive to help them and leave them feeling happier with a smile on their face. I hope you are always kind, respectful and a friend to everyone. I hope you are a force for good in this world and that you never let anyone dull your shine. I am so thankful you are our oldest child and your future brothers and sisters will have you to look up to. They will be so blessed to have you as their older brother because I know you will love them, protect them, care for them and try your hardest to be a good example to them. You, too, are an example to me and I truly believe I’ve only begun to learn some valuable life lessons from you. Every day you make me a better person. Because of you I try so hard to be the best mom and best wife to your daddy. You deserve the world and I would so love to give it to you – but since I can’t, I’ll spend my life trying to make you as happy as you’ve made me (but thats not to say you’ll always get your way 😉 – I’m still your mom after all!) I love you with my whole heart. This has been such a special year with so many emotions and great memories made. You are a bright light in my life and I am forever and ever thankful for you.


I love you birthday boy. To infinity and beyond.



Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Two days ago we put up our Christmas decorations and I really couldn’t be happier. Wild Man texted me in the morning and said we should put our stuff up and that throughout the week we should stop at our storage unit to grab loads of our Christmas decor (yes we have loads of it). I got so excited that I went a little overboard and brought everything home and decorated the entire house. Wild Man’s only request was that I leave the star for him to put on top of the tree. I think we both expected our star pictures to be a lot cuter, but H really didn’t want to let go of the star while helping his dad — so they turned out kind of funny. Cute, nonetheless.



Decorating with H was just about the cutest thing ever. I’ve been really emotional lately for some reason and his wild enthusiasm for Christmas decorations did not help the tear flow! Oh, it was so cute. Now that everything is up he can’t look away from the Christmas tree. He blows on it all day long – thats what he does to things he thinks are cool and points in awe at all the festive stuff we have around the house.

This is really the most wonderful time of the year.