My Dad

Today is my dads birthday and I just had to give him a little shoutout on my blog because he is the greatest guy — and because H is taking an awesome nap right now so I actually have time to blog!

My dad is a father to three girls. I feel like being a dad to any number of girls is an important job. You are the first man a little girl is introduced to and the first man that little girl loves, idolizes, obsesses over, snuggles with, gives kisses to, etc. I know that for me and my sisters we all felt and still feel so lucky to be our dads daughters. He never took his job as ‘daddy’ lightly and he knew how important it was. He teaches us so much just with his example and the love he has for us and for our mom. He is gentle, kind and one of the most positive people and he has such a great outlook on life. One of my favorite things about him is the love and devotion he has to the Gospel. He has always been my best spiritual example and is truly a spiritual giant and I’m so happy I got to grow up and walk in on him daily reading his scriptures or praying – it made a lasting impression on me that I will never forget.

My dad is humble, generous and has a big, soft heart. Watching him become a grandpa to H has been really neat. He loves this little boy so much and cherishes every second he gets to spend with him which makes my heart burst.

Happy, happy birthday daddy-o! I hope your day is magical and I can’t wait to celebrate with you today!!




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