Kindness Begins With Me

I’ve never loved politics. I think politics are incredibly important and special and should be valued. But I have never liked the way politics make people act – especially towards each other. This is the main driving factor why I nearly never talk about anything political. But as the entire world knows now, yesterday was the Presidential Election and Donald Trump won and there are lots of mixed feelings. Some people are excited, some are devastated, some wouldn’t really be happy either way. But the fact is what happened – happened. The thing that has been the hardest for me is seeing the way everyone is now treating each other (mainly on social media). My heart was being crushed repeatedly last night as I’d scroll through Twitter. Finally I had to turn my phone off and do my best to forget the things I’d read and seen. People were telling each other to go die! People were accusing people of being horrible and supporting terrible things! It got nasty fast and it felt like a battle field. I couldn’t take it. It literally broke my heart. I hate how mean and hateful people can be towards each other.

In the wake of all of this I can’t stop thinking about a few things, but the main one is KINDNESS. A big change has happened. To some its exciting and to some its upsetting. Some people are happy, some people are upset, some people are torn. America is always striving to be better. Thats why people voted the way they did – to make America the best America it can be. So why not start by trying to be kind, loving and accepting?

I challenge myself and anyone else reading this to be kind. Say something nice to your neighbor, be loving and nonjudgmental, accept people for who they are – no matter how different or similar to you they are. The world will never get better if we are all hating and fighting.

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