Magical Monday: Our First Time Together

When Wild Man and I went on our first date I remember telling him me and my family were Disney obsessed. We talked about that a little more and I went into some detail, but I don’t think he fully understood exactly what I meant when I said we took our Disney incredibly seriously. As we got to know each other better and he got to know my family better I think he slowly started to realize we were those crazy Disney people. I remember thinking he must really like me when he stared to read Walt Disney’s Autobiography. Maybe it was initially to impress me/my family, but he even admits it was really fascinating and his like of Disney grew a little. After dating several months my family was planning a Disneyland trip and we decided to invite Wild Man. He accepted and everyone was really excited – but little did he know this was a pretty big test for him! He had to prove that he could hang with us in Disneyland and have a good, happy, magical attitude about it! We’d all be paying close attention. The steaks were high.

I am very happy to say that he passed with flying colors. He loved it and I believe it sparked his love of Disney and was the beginning of helping him become one of us die-hards. I’m rather grateful for my Disney-lovin’ husband. Lucky me.

*Fun Fact: Lots of people predicted he’d propose to me on this trip. He didn’t.. He popped the question a few weeks later. 






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