Last Post of 2016

I wanted my last post of 2016 to be something really cool. You know, go out with a bang type post. I thought about doing an in-depth review of my year, or the typical New Years Resolutions post. Then yesterday H and I went to the aquarium with my family and as I was watching him oo and aw at all the different fish I was hit pretty hard with the obvious realization that he was my whole year. 2016 was our first full calendar year with our little guy and it completely consumed us.


I think Wild Man and I changed a lot in 2016. We went from being 2015 people with no parenting experience or knowledge, to being these 2016 people who have this new little person in their lives that they’re completely obsessed with and want nothing but the best for. We changed the way we thought, the way we made decisions, the way we cleaned, decorated and organized, we changed our daily rituals, we changed our priorities and our hearts changed the very most. There is nothing quite as bonding as having a child together and working together the best you can to ensure that you’re sweet little one lives a good life. Its exciting and terrifying all in one, but there is nothing comparable to it and though its only been 13 months, its been the best 13 months I’ve ever lived. I turned into a different person this year (ok, last November) when I took on the title ‘mom’ and theres no greater joy to me.

Our family is small – just the three of us and in time it will grow, but I couldn’t help but think about what a great year its been with just our little crew. We have made so memories and we’ve all taught each other so much. I get real emotional thinking about the future as we add on more children, more memories, more lessons and more experiences – life is awesome! It has its downs, yes. Every year does and some are greater than others but I am feeling so fortunate to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Later-Day Saints and to have faith in God’s plan for me and my family. I don’t know what 2017 has in store for our family but I’m excited (and as always, a little worried) to find out. As I say goodbye to such a nice, happy year I can’t help but thank 2016 for the great memories – and definitely for the entire year I’ve been able to spend with my husband and son. Those two fill my heart and bring me all the joy and happiness I could ever wish for and the more I think about it I know that as long as I have them, then my life – and 2017 – will be good.




2016 Best Nine

Is it weird that when I saw people posting their 2016 Best Nine I got strangely giddy? Apparently I was super excited for this. My 9 pictures that were most liked on my Instagram (@ceeceesparkles) were really random, but all good memories. 2016 was a good year for my clan. And for those who have asked, if you go to and put in your Instagram handle – you can see your top 9 too! 



A Few Things I’ve Learned

I apologize if a lot of my posts recently have been about 2016 – but its the end of the year and I feel like these posts are my way of wrapping up the year! Its kind of all I’ve been thinking about lately so naturally its what I’d be blogging about I guess. As I have been looking back at the year and making goals and deciding on changes I want to make to my life in the coming year I’ve started to realize that I have really learned a lot in 2016. I know each year teaches you a thing or two but I have learned so much this year. Wow. I’m sure a lot of this is because when 2016 started I was a very new mom with a sweet two month old baby boy – and if you didn’t already know, being a mom and raising a child teaches you A LOT!

The thing I think I have learned the very most this year is definitely patience and faith in the Lord and His plan. I am a worrier of the highest degree and having my perfect baby boy has only made me worry 100% more. I’m sure so much of this has to do with the anxiety that consumed me in full force once I got pregnant, but I’m just far too good at imagining the worst case scenario or letting my mind wander and come up with these scary, awful situations. Whats funny about this is I feel like I am typically a glass-half-full kind of person, but when it comes to this I can spiral downward pretty quickly. Prayer has been my greatest ally in all of this. I don’t know why it took me so long to figure out that I functioned a lot better when I prayed immediately when I started to feel even the smallest inkling of anxiety, fear, worry, panic, etc. Thats not to say that there aren’t some days where I don’t still flip out, but I have learned that prayer really works! And I knew that… But this year I learned this in a whole new way and I can say that my testimony of prayer and God’s love for me has grown so, so, so much. Because I can pray to my Heavenly Father I am given comfort, guidance, I am able to help accept things and my worries and anxiety are muted. I’m so grateful for this lesson. I have learned in a way I’ve never known before that if I strengthen my faith in Heavenly Father and His plan, then I know I will be ok. Even if I don’t fully understand it all – I just know.

I have also learned a lot about priorities. Before having a baby somehow priorities weren’t that important. I knew Wild Man was at the top of my list and that our families were super important to us, but because it was just the two of us – two adults – I feel like we could bounce around and do lots on a whim. Now that The Captain has joined our family I have seen the importance of my role as a mother. He is still so young and it is my job to give him structure, nurture him and always keep his best interest in mind. Wild Man and I have sacrificed a lot this year, but it was for the benefit of our son. And you know what? I honestly don’t regret it. Knowing my child is happy, cared for, loved and safe is a huge blessing to me.

I’m not completely sure how exactly I learned this, but I also figured out that its ok to be myself and fully embrace who I am. If I like something someone else doesn’t like, thats ok. If my opinion is different than someone else’s opinion, thats ok. If I want to do something in my own way and its not the norm, thats ok too. Its been very freeing accepting that I am who I am and I can be the version of me I want to be and don’t have to worry about what other people think. Of course there are still those days where I really care about what others think – but I’m working on this every day.

The last thing I want to touch on is something thats really driven me. I have learned a lot about my own value. I am capable of a lot and there isn’t anything stopping me from achieving the things I am working towards unless I let it stop me. My personality is special to me and it can help those around me. If I am true to myself, that true-me can be beneficial to my little corner of the world. I am a valuable person who has great potential and is deserving of good things!

My heart is feeling very full today as I’m looking back at the year. I’ve learned so much more than just what I’ve talked about and I am so grateful that I was given the chance to learn these things. Now on to 2017 and new life lessons!



December Beauty Talk

Yay for December Beauty Talk! You guys… I love beauty things. There were SO many I wanted to share this month but after a lot of hard work and dedication I narrowed my long list down to nine items.

First is the GlamGlow ThirstyMud Masque. Glam Glow rocks and they are pricy but I highly suggest you try one or two (or all of them?) out. This is a very hydrating masque that feels good on your skin and leaves your skin feeling like a million moisturized bucks.


More GlamGlow! This is the exfoliating lip fizzy…something. I can’t remember the name. But its crazy. Its a rough-ish formula that exfoliates your lips – you apply it with some water and the water activates a fizz! Its the strangest, coolest feeling! Highly suggest. Also don’t look too close at the reflection of my cluttered bathroom, k?


Next is a ColourPop Super Shock Shadow called Sequin that I’m obsessed with lately! Their formulas are crazily buttery and they go on so well. They’re easily blended and have amazing color payoff. I am particularly fond of this one because it can be an all over lid color and also goes really well with other shadows.


This is the NYX Ombre Blush in Mauve. Mauve is my favorite blush color so I am always looking for another brands mauve colored blushes to try. This one is awesome! Its really pigmented and very bendable.


Trates Maracuja Oil is incredible! I put this on every night on cleansed, dry skin. I don’t even know what fairy dust magic is inside of this but my face has never felt so good. Please go buy this. And the packaging makes me very happy.


I have been using Organix’s Argan Oil of Morocco in my hair for years. I put this in my damp hair after washing it. It helps smooth my hair, gives it a little shine and my hair just feels healthier and more moisturized when I put this in. When I randomly forget to put it in I feel a noticeable difference in my hair.


I just recently tried Benefit’s Roller Lash. Ok. So I love the product. The brush is really good at fanning your lashes, making them longer and thicker and looking really pretty. Its a nice product. The only thing I do not like is that it is nearly impossible to remove at the end of the day. When it comes to mascara thats a huge turnoff and will make me want to chuck a product. So I love this but also don’t.


Lastly I want to talk about these collagen eye pads from Purederm. I wear a mask every day and really love to also wear eye masks. I found these on Amazon and decided to try them on a whim because I’m always looking for masks to give a shot. I really love these. They stay on well and I have seen a difference in my under eye skin!




2016 in Review

So lots of people have hated 2016. And yeah, some real annoying, sad, bad things happened. But if we are being honest, I admit that I’m definitely in the minority — I had a good 2016. Our family had a happy, healthy year and a lot of good, fun stuff happened! There were numerous Disney trips, lots of family time, huge milestones for H, Wild Man and I made some really cool goals, etc. I’m always excited for a new year and a clean slate, but I have thoroughly enjoyed the year 2016.

In January

  • We got a private tour of the new Provo City Center Temple with Elder Richards and Elder Bednar
  • We were still basking in the newborn phase with our little 2/3 month old
  • My grandpa passed away (which is actually sad) but we were able to reflect on his incredible life and looked through so many pictures of him and celebrated his life as a family

In February

  • We bought our house and moved in and everything went flawlessly and our house has been a dream
  • We had the German Dinner with Wild Man’s family

In March

  • Our sweet baby H was blessed by his dad
  • I was brave and chopped my hair off in a lob (that i’m now growing out)
  • We celebrated Easter

In April

  • We got to watch my sister nail it in her dance competitions
  • The weather got warmer and we were able to finally introduce H to the outdoors

In May

  • I got to celebrate my first Mothers Day
  • We had a really, really awesome Disneyland vacation with my family
  • We saw Captain America: Civil War
  • H turned six months old
  • We went to Moab with Wild Man’s family

In June

  • We celebrated Wild Man’s birthday with a fun pool party
  • Lots and lots of swimming
  • I started my mom and babies swim club
  • We had a fun FHE in the canyon with Wild Man’s family

In July

  • We went to Stadium of Fire, watched my sister perform (as a speciality dancer) and loved Tim McGraw’s performance
  • Disneyland turned 61
  • H started mastering pulling himself up on things
  • We went to Lake Powell for a week

In August

  • Lots and lots of pool time
  • My mom got a big surgery and we got to take care of her
  • We went to my families beautiful condo in Eden

In September

  • We had a fun campout in the canyon near our home
  • Fall finally started happening
  • September holds several birthdays in both of our families so we had lots of get togethers

In October

  • We went to Eden again and watched General Conference
  • Wild Man dislocated his shoulder badly in a mountain biking accident
  • My favorite Disneyland trip ever happened
  • We dressed up as the 7 Dwarfs for Halloween

In November

  • Sweet Baby H turned one
  • We had our four year anniversary
  • We had Thanksgiving in California (the Bay Area)
  • We put up our Christmas stuff

In December

  • We had Christmas!
  • I turned 26
  • We saw the lights at Temple Square
  • Lots of family parties and get togethers

It was a fun year an I’m looking forward to seeing what 2017 brings me and my cute family!



Christmas 2016

I’m pretty sure there aren’t even words to describe what a perfect Christmas we had yesterday. To be honest I’m getting teary just thinking about it. Everything went perfectly, so smoothly and having our sweet one year old totally into it made everything so much more magical. I laughed because on Christmas Eve night when I went to bed I realized I felt like a little kid again and could hardly sleep because I was too excited to see H see what Santa brought him and open presents from mom, dad, grandparents, aunts/uncles and cousins. At one point I woke up and thought for sure it was six or seven in the morning and I laid there impatiently waiting for H to wake up because I was so excited to start the day. After a while of waiting I looked at the clock on my phone at it was 1:30am! It was a total flashback of my childhood.


Its almost like H knew it was Christmas. He woke up extra happy and was adorable when he walked into our living room and saw everything. He actually had a decent attention span when it came to opening gifts and was really cute and had a few specific toys that he really loved. We had Christmas morning just the three of us for the first time this year and it was perfect. It made the holiday more special and meaningful somehow – and also made me feel like an adult, big time. We spent a little over an hour opening gifts, taking pictures and playing with our new things then we got ready for church. We went to my families ward with them at 9am. I originally had a bad attitude about church on Christmas and now I’m embarrassed I ever felt that way. Hellllllloooooooo? Isn’t that what this holiday is about? Church was only an hour long and it was filled with choir numbers, congregational hymns and one speaker. It was a really neat way to remind me of the spirit that should be in our hearts on Christmas day. It put the day in to perspective for me and honestly because of going to church I felt a different spirit with me throughout the day.




After church we went to my parents house for several hours. They hadn’t had their Christmas yet so we were able to join them for all of that which was really fun. I truly think I’ll be kind of sad the day I don’t get to be there to see the looks on my little sisters faces when they open their gifts. We exchanged gifts then pretty quickly started my FAVORITE Christmas tradition – we broke open a bunch of the new games we received and started playing! Games and Christmastime just go together in our family. It was a blast playing games and eating Chinese food.






Then we made our way (five houses away) to Wild Man’s families house where his entire family was there for the first time in a few years! We socialized, exchanged gifts, played a couple games, ate a delicious Christmas dinner then played some more games. We got tired but it was well worth it.


When we got back home H couldn’t stay awake and went down so good. Wild Man and I looked through the pile of gifts we got and reminisced on our amazing day. Like I said I seriously cannot put into words how great of a day this was. I knew it would be good – Christmas always is – but this was better than I imaged it to be. I hope you all had an equally as amazing day and that no matter who your day was spent with that you felt love and were able to remember the real reason why we celebrate Christmas.





December 19: Jesus Calmed the Storm and So Can You: I took this one as lightening someones burden. A family in our ward recently experienced a death and I was able to help them prepare for the funeral and was able to cater to some of their needs.

December 20: Jesus Saw Potential in Others and So Can You: I was so excited for this one because this is something I feel like I’m always trying to work on. Its so good to see people for what they can become, rather than view them and judge them negatively. I made a list of the people in my life who I see/talk to/think about regularly and listed several things about them I loved. I also was able to focus on a certain situation in my life where I realized I need to forgive someone. It was an eye opening day.

December 21: Jesus Forgave Others and So Can You: Going along with the way I ended December 20th, I continued to work on forgiving people who I realized I’ve held grudges against. Is it bad that sometimes I forget how freeing forgiveness is?

December 22: Jesus Showed Gratitude and So Can You: Thank you cards for everyone! Its odd to me how often we (myself definitely included) forget to thank people for what they do and how they act. Its easy, its uplifting and its so, so important!

December 23: Jesus Was a Peacemaker and You Can Be One Too: I took this one very seriously. It was also a personal day with this prompt for me. But I will say it left me very inspired to pull out the inner peacemaker in me.

December 24: Jesus Cared for His Loved Ones and So Can You: What a perfect prompt to fall on Christmas Eve! We spent time together as our family of three and with each of our families. I tried to be mindful of our family members, let them know I cared for them and loved them, listened to them and had an enjoyable time with them. I was also reminded just how important it is to make sure as a mother I am caring for my husband and son and making them my first and most important priority.

December 25: Jesus’s Disciples Followed Him and So Can We: Cue the tears. Why this prompt strikes my heart so much, I don’t know. But I love it. I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, I love Him and I will follow Him. We have church today and as easy as it would be to skip out, we are going because thats where Jesus would be and would want us to be. The New Year is fast approaching and as I’m working on my list of resolutions I want to make sure Christ is at the top of it. I want to live life like He would. I want to make Him proud and do as He would do.