We had to wait all year but the best month is finally here!! December is my birthday month, the prettiest month, Christmas month, tons-and-tons-of-family-time month, a very Christ centered month, a special month, the BEST month!

This isn’t The Captain’s first Christmas, but last year he was barely over a month old for his first Christmas and he slept like 90% of that day. So I feel like even though this is his second Christmas it’ll be his first one he pays attention to and I am bursting at the seams with excitement.

I have a huge bucket list for December

  • Go see the lights (the ones you pay for and lights in peoples neighborhoods) because I already know that H will lose it and LOVE it
  • Drink hot chocolate on the daily
  • Watch all the classic Christmas movies, of course
  • Play in the snow with H in his new awesome snow suit
  • Go sledding
  • See the lights at Temple Square
  • Take family pictures
  • Light a holiday scented candle at least once a day
  • Lots of holiday baking – try new recipes – not just the usual go-to ones
  • Get my Christmas shopping/wrapping done at least a week before Christmas – I have a goal for the week leading up to Christmas to be relaxing and allow plenty of time for family
  • Play lots of games with family – because in our family (both mine and my husbands) December = game month
  • Remember to simplify. I know that I’ll try to go over the top on a lot of things but I hope to remember its ok to keep things simple and easy
  • Read scripture stories about the birth of Christ as a family
  • Watch the Christmas Devotional!
  • Turn 26 (why does that number seem so big to me?!)
  • Plan and write down my New Years Resolutions
  • Deliver treats to neighbors
  • Write cards to family members and friends
  • Spend quality time with my husband and son and cherish every second with them

I feel like this one deserves its own paragraph. Have you seen the LDS Light the World thing?  It is INCREDIBLE. The Church is really upping its game with this one. Every day in December they’re releasing a short video – for example December 1st’s video is titled “Jesus Lifted Others Burdens and So Can You”. Our family has set a goal to watch each video daily then go out and do what the video talks about. I get teary eyed just thinking about it. I really feel like this is going to bring the true spirit of Christmas into our home more than its ever been there and will help us really focus on the Gospel and the spirit of giving. I’ll be posting about our experiences with this and I hope lots of other people do as well because this is so cool. Honestly this is what I’m most looking forward to this December.

I hope we all have an amazing December! I hope you remember to be kind, love your neighbor and remember our Savior Jesus Christ.

Merry Christmas!



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