Our Favorite Books


Christmas is coming and I feel like everyone is looking for that perfect gift for the different people in their lives. Well I’m here to talk about the perfect gift for you little ones. My little guy LOVES books. We read them in the morning, the afternoon and at night right before bed. Its not uncommon to find H sitting in a corner somewhere with a book or two, turning pages, ‘reading’ and pointing at the pictures. Something really cute about him getting a little older is that he’s starting to get some books that he gravitates towards and are definitely his favorites. We have put in a good word this year and are really hoping that Santa will bring H a few new books that we can add to our collection. But for now with what we have – these are our favorite books and we highly recommend them.

SOME BUGS: I think this is H’s current #1 favorite book. When he’s going through his boxes of books this is the one he grabs first. I guess I should have known that a one-year old boy would love the book about bugs. The pictures are so cute and the wording is clever, so I don’t mind reading it 1,000x a day. IMG_2364.jpg

YOU ARE SPECIAL: I cry every time I read this book. Its a sweet story about learning that you’re special just the way you are and its ok to be yourself and there is no need to compare yourself to others. Every little one needs this book and this message in their life. IMG_2358.jpg

BABY TOUCH AND FEEL BOOKS: H loves any book that has things to touch and feel. It pretty much ups the books cool factor by 100 in his opinion. IMG_2357.jpg

HEDGEHUGS: H got this for Valentine’s Day and I’ve been obsessed ever since. If you ever have wondered why you have socks that go missing I suggest you get this book and you’ll find out why. IMG_2359.jpg

IF ANIMALS KISSED GOODNIGHT: This is one of my favorite bedtime books. A book about parents loving/kissing their babies goodnight. Sweet and simple and cute.  IMG_2360.jpg

IT’S A SMALL WORLD BOOKS: We have all the Small World books and they are so fun. Our favorites are Hello, World and Color Our World. Some have flaps to open or pull, some have touch and feel, one has a mirror. They’re all different and all cute.img_2361

DR SEUSS BOOKS: At one of my baby showers before H was born I got a few big packs of Dr. Seuss books. These books are so fun and take me back to my childhood. A lot of them are pretty weird and get you tongue-tied but they are entertaining for sure. img_2362

HAPPY HIPPO ANGRY DUCK: We are a big fan of all the Sandra Boynton childrens books but this is our favorite. It has a cute message and I really love the pictures. This is one that H will often look at on his own too. img_2363

OLAF’S NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS: To end this post I figured we’d end with a Christmas book. This is pretty much the Night Before Christmas but with Olaf’s take. Its cute and if you’re one of those families that really like reading Christmas books in December (or year round, I don’t judge) than this is a perfect option.  img_2365



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