Every Sunday in December I am going to be posting about our families #LighttheWorld experience. If you haven’t already heard about this, I highly suggest you visit the link here and challenge yourself to do it! This is kind of like an advent calendar but instead of opening up a door and revealing a prize or piece of candy each day, you read a prompt, watch a short video and are encouraged to get out and do the thing the video talked about. If that explanation didn’t make sense, I promise you’ll catch on as the month goes on and I post more about it. If you want to see other peoples takes on this, look up the #LighttheWorld hashtag on social media platforms and you’ll see some really amazing, inspiring stuff.

The prompt for December 1st was, “Jesus Lifted Others’ Burdens and So Can You” We took this as an opportunity to serve. We had to divide and conquer because Wild Man was really busy at work that day so actually never saw him. At home, H and I decided to take the idea and help out a couple neighbors. We have two elderly women that both live very close to us that we adore and it was really fun to catch them off guard while they were outside and be able to make their day a little easier. 

On December 2nd, “Jesus Honored His Parents and So Can You” I loved this day. My parents are the best of the best and I know I don’t give them the credit they deserve. It was really cool to be able to focus on them and think of what they mean to me. I also looked on my family history chart online and read a few of the stories from my ancestors. I’m grateful for all my ancestors.

December 3rd, “Jesus Helped Others to See and So Can You” This day was a personal task – but I just tried to remind someone how incredible they are. I also loved the idea the website gave to donate glasses, etc. I have a few laying around that I plan to donate (as soon as I find them ugh).

December 4th (today), “Jesus Worshiped His Father and So Can You” We went to church today. This seemed like the most straightforward way to worship Heavenly Father to me. I tried to be mindful of the words I heard and tried to figure out ways I could apply what I was learning about to my life. In Relief Society we had a really amazing lesson on being a light and being able to find the light that was very uplifting and inspiring. The website also suggests you give a kneeling prayer every day in December. This was an answer to prayers because I have been thinking of ways to make my prayers more meaningful and then I read this! I know that this will add more meaning to my prayers and show more respect to my Father in heaven.

I will check back in next week with more #LightTheWorld goodness. These may not be the most exciting posts but it’s helping me make sure I don’t neglect a single day of this. In the meantime I encourage you to print the advent calendar out and do the same! I know it has the power to change our lives, our attitudes and our spirit this holiday season.



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