Last Christmas

Sorry if I just got that song stuck in your head. I’m not a fan of that song personally.

But this post is indeed about last Christmas.

I know that this Christmas will be H’s second Christmas, but its sure feeling a lot like his first. Last Christmas he was barely a month old and he slept through 98% of all the Christmas Day festivities. This year he will be so much more into whats going on – he’ll be able to (basically) open his presents and unload his stocking, he’ll be able to eat the food and the treats, he’ll be excited about his Christmas jammies, etc. I am so excited! Its put me in the Christmas spirit way more than other years and thats saying something because I feel like I’m typically the Queen of Christmas Cheer, anyway.

It has been so fun to see H take in all of the holiday season. He is blown away by every. single. Christmas tree he sees (and requests to blow on them because thats what he does to all of the things he loves), he loves seeing houses lit up with lights, he is very observant of the decorations around him and he’s a huge fan of advent calendars – our favorite is our Tsum-Tsum one. He has managed to make the most magical time of year even more magical. Seeing it through his little curious eyes is the best.



I am so excited to do our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day traditions with him. It will be so neat to watch him every year and think of Christmases past. Babies growing up is kind of bittersweet but it also provides some incredible reflection and really awesome memories made.



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