A Stream of Thought

I set a goal for myself to post every day in December. So far I’ve been doing good at it. I may not be physically blogging every day but on days I know I’ll be busy I’ve made sure I have a blog post set up to get published that day and so far I haven’t skipped a day. These small victories make me way too proud of myself.

But then today I sort of hit a block and can’t think of something to write about. Actually I can think of a lot to write about but every time I start the post I get bored and fizzle out and go watch tv or eat yet another handful of dried coconut which is my newest addiction. So instead of forcing myself to write about something I’m not really into I have decided to just sit down and type about some of the things on my mind. Read if you want. Or don’t.

I have been working on my 2017 New Years Resolutions and I’m actually really excited to take the new year head on. I’m going to be working on self-improvement throughout next year and I really, really hope I stick with it. I’ve also heard of a lot of other people choosing a word for their year and at first I thought it was kind of weird but I have decided to choose a word for 2017 for myself. I haven’t picked the word yet though.. Maybe inspiration will come to me eventually.

WHY does Diet Coke taste so much better than water? I don’t know why but lately every time I drink another diet coke I feel guilty that its not water. I drink a couple glasses of water a day so I know I’m not completely depriving myself of H20 but still it just annoys me.

Do you have that one person on your Christmas List who is nearly impossible to shop for? This year mine is my sister. She’s not impossible to shop for but she’s tough. I don’t know if its because I’m the oldest or what but I always feel so much pressure (all from myself) to get my sisters perfect presents. I feel like with my other sister I’ve totally nailed her gift and she’ll love it but then with my other sister I’m at a total loss. She’s given me a recommendation but its something simple and I want to get her something that will wow her. But maybe I’ll never figure out what that thing is. Ugh.

My friend Danica recently gave a class on all things planning and I have never been more excited to use my planner! I got all kinds of new supplies to help keep the drive alive and its been so fun to really plan my days out and organize my life a bit better. She brought up so many things I can write in my planner that I never would have thought to write in before. It was so good and I can’t stop thinking about it.

My skin is freaking out on me and its really annoying me because I take care of my skin! I never sleep with make up on, I cleanse, exfoliate 3-4 times a week, use toner, use face masks, wear SPF and moisturize at least twice a day. So why would my skin then decide to go crazy? All  do is care for it and love it. For heaven sakes, skin is my profession…

We have been watching Amazing Race re-runs for the last couple weeks and I don’t think Wild man understands just how happy it makes me. I’m an Amazing Race junkie and I will binge watch this show shamelessly, but watching it with Wild Man and being able to talk strategies and complain to/with him is awesome.

Alright well thanks for reading. Until next time…



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