December 5: Jesus Healed the Sick and So Can You: Quite honestly I didn’t do great on this day. Boo. I wanted to take the challenge and learn CPR, etc. I’ve been meaning to update my skills since H is now one and I know life saving skills are a little different with a one-year old as opposed to a newborn but somehow it slipped my mind. Its on my to-do list though. I’d also love to serve some people in my ward who I know are suffering from illness.

December 6: Jesus Read the Scriptures and So Can You: This was my favorite day so far. We were encouraged to post our favorite scripture on social media or send our favorite scripture to someone. I loved scrolling through Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and being able to read so, so many amazing scriptures. It was so uplifting and an amazing break from the garbage and negativity you can easily find on social media. I will include the picture I added on social media of my favorite scripture!


December 7: Jesus Fed the Hungry and So Can You: Without going into too much detail, a family in my ward is struggling this year. A couple other women from our ward and myself put together a plan to make sure they at least have the necessities this Christmas season – our focus was on meal plans, but I understand there are others who are helping them with money and gifts. I love when people come together to help those in need.

December 8: Jesus Prayed for Others and So Can You: I am good at praying every day morning and night and then some. I am good at praying for myself, for my husband, for my son and for our families – but I am not very good at praying for others. I’m pretty embarrassed about that. I don’t know why I always forget to, considering I know so, so many people have prayed for me before – so why can’t I return the favor? I was really happy to be challenged to actively pray for others and look and listen for people who need prayers. We were challenged to pray aloud – something I’ve only recently got good at since praying with H. The thing I focused the most on was thinking of people we know who are going through something and could use prayers. Lately a lot of people that I know or that I just follow on Social Media or who I’ve even just heard of, have been experiencing big hardships. It was really special to pray for them and I felt a new kind of spirit as I prayed. Its really inspired me to up my game and be much, much better at praying for others! I’ll also get better at praying for help in finding those who need my prayers.

December 9: Jesus Visited the Lonely and So Can You: I wasn’t very active on this days prompt. A suggestion the prompt gave was to send friendly texts to people who could use it. So I rounded up a list of names and just checked in with people and we caught up and chatted.

December 10: Jesus Helped People Walk and So Can You: I was lousy at this one, too. But I plan on helping my elderly neighbors as I see they need assistance this season. As I’ve stated before we have several elderly people living very close to us and I know they would happily accept service I can give.

December 11: Jesus Ministered to Children and So Can You: This one was exciting since I have a child of my own. I love that it suggests giving a picture of Christ to your child and I fully intend on making sure there is a picture of Christ hanging in H’s room before the New Year. Basically what I’ve done on this day is focus on my child. I am showing him love, spending time with him and reminding him he is loved and special, as well as working on new tricks he’s been learning.



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