Temple Square


I love going to Temple Square – especially in December when the lights are up. We didn’t go last year because H was so tiny and there was no way we were taking him outside in the cold that little, so I was extra anxious to get back there this year. I was also very excited to take H and see him experience it. He loves Christmas lights and goes a little crazy when he sees them so I had high hopes of his reaction to this pretty place and he didn’t disappoint! He couldn’t point at everything fast enough and much to my happiness, he kept staring at the temple with his big blue eyes just searching it over. I loved it. This year was kind of cool as we all watched the Nativity that lights up as the scriptures about Christ’s birth are read I felt the spirit really strong as I talked to my baby about what the scriptures meant. I know he’s just one and doesn’t remember it, but it was really special to me and made me excited to continue talking about the gospel with him and our future children. I love the spirit that comes when you are in the presence of a temple.






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