Who Said Babies Can Get Sick?!

No really, who?!

My sweet baby H hasn’t been able to catch a break! Last week for nearly two weeks he was super congested and just when things were looking up and he had two days of complete health, he got hit with a fever yesterday and its wiping him out. It breaks my heart to see my wiggly, active, crazy baby just lay on the couch with his sleepy face and tired eyes. Ugh. Why can’t moms have the superpower to take their children’s sicknesses and have them themselves? I know that a fever is nothing compared to what some people go through – I’m not trying to say we have it harder than anyone else – not at all. I’m just saying it makes me sad that these sweet innocent little people feel sick from time to time.

The only bright side to this is that together we have taken some amazing long naps and he is so cuddly and snuggly.


Hopefully the next few days are brighter and my little boyfriend can be feeling good again, soon!



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