Dad for the Win

I’ve always known my dad is the best and I’m not afraid to share this knowledge everywhere around the world. But tonight the spot in my heart got even bigger for my cute dad. 

My youngest sister is an insanely talented dancer. She dances several hours every weekday and is so impressive to watch. A while ago while she and her company were preparing for their Christmas show she informed us her ballet company would be doing the Nutcracker again. Not too long after that, while Wild Man and I were watching my sisters while my parents were in Disney World, my sister told me that their ballet performance was in need of some dads to dance in a scene of the ballet. We both broke out laughing because we were sure my dad would never agree to something so funny. The only reason we even called him in his hotel room in Disney World was because we were excited to laugh at the hilarious thought along with him! So we called and my sister told him the news, jokingly asking him if he wanted to dance in The Nutcracker. And much to all of our surprises, my cute dad happily and excitedly agreed! 

Fast forward to today. It turns out my dad was the only dad that went to all the practices, he was often in the front and center and I know my dad well enough to know the other dancers adored him and his go-get-em attitude. Ugh my heart melts just thinking about him. 

The Christmas show was tonight and watching my dad dance with my sister was one of the coolest, cutest things I have ever seen. My sisters and I are incredibly lucky to have this guy as our dad. He is the very best and I know he’d do anything for his girls — like dance in a ballet!! 



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