December 12 Jesus Taught Others and So Can You: I took my own spin on this prompt. I have an almost 13 month old son and its incredible how much he is learning. We have this Little People Nativity set and I decided to introduce H to the story. As best as I could with his ‘help’ I acted out the Nativity and hoped to teach him a little bit of the story. Did he retain any of it? Likely not. But its a start and I want to make sure this is a story he knows by heart someday and understands how important it is.

December 13 Jesus Showed Humility and So Can You: It was suggested to brag about someone else. I made sure to brag about my sweet husband, my darling baby boy and our families that we are so fortunate to have. It was a piece of cake!

December 14 Jesus Taught Us to Clothe the Naked and You Can Help: We aren’t completely finished with this days task. I decided to go through all of my clothes and find several things I can donate. I have a big garbage bag full and need to get to the DI to donate them ASAP.

December 15 Jesus Worshiped Through Song and So Can You: I loved this one. Basically I shared my favorite church hymn on social media. Because I really, really struggle in choosing a favorite hymn I narrowed it down to a favorite of many – and also a favorite church Christmas song. My favorite hymn is ‘I Stand All Amazed’ and my favorite church human is ‘Angels We Have Heard on High.’

December 16 Jesus Showed Compassion and So Can You: Not wanting to go into too much detail because some of these prompts can be pretty private, I served someone today.

December 17 Jesus Cared for His Mother and So Can You: My mom is my best friend and I feel like I do a good job at letting her know how much I care for her. My mom was actually pretty busy this day but we made sure we had some time to be together and enjoy one anothers company.

December 18 Jesus Honored the Sabbath and So Can You: I liked that one of the ideas for this prompt was to write down some ways I can draw closer to God. Before I’d even got out of bed for the morning I grabbed my journal and wrote down some ideas I had on ways I can improve my relationship with God and how I can make our relationship stronger. It was exciting and motivating for sure.



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