Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Heres my thing with ‘ugly’ Christmas Sweaters – I tend to somehow find them cute. Even if they’re cute in an ugly way. Also, Wild Man is the only one with an actual ugly sweater so The Captain and I just wore some festive attire.


Yesterday was Wild Man’s extended families Christmas Party and as per usual it was so much fun. The theme was ‘warm Mexican Christmas’ and the tacos we had were to die for. I think my favorite part about the Christmas season is the overload of family time and this is one of the things I look forward to yearly. Its fun to see extended family, catch up and see all the new babies! (does NOT help baby hunger)

As I’ve been looking at my planner for this coming week I’m exhausted just thinking about everything we have going on. We are busy every day and we’ll be go-go-go, but tis the season! Also, its my birthday week!!

And thus ends this very random post.



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