26 Years of Life

Today is my birthday! I am not sure why I am so meh about this years birthday. Maybe its because now I’m closer to being 30 years old now than I was to being 20 years old? Or maybe its just because growing older is scary to me. I don’t know. But the day still came and like it or not, I am 26 years old today. And for no real reason except that I’m in the mood to type, here are 26 things about yours truly.


  1. My favorite ride in Disneyland is Haunted Mansion followed very closely by Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
  2. When I was younger I totally wanted to be a Crime Scene Investigator and now I couldn’t think of a worse sounding career than that
  3. I’m the biggest worrier you’ll ever meet
  4. My favorite color is light orange
  5. I always have my toe nails painted – like always
  6. I could live off of pasta with butter and salt and I’d honestly be totally fine if that was the only thing I ate for the rest of my life
  7. When I was younger I lived on a busier street and one time I was jump roping in my front yard and my skirt fell to my ankles and a bunch of cars were driving by and I was mortified and I don’t think I’m over it yet to be honest
  8. Wild Man designed my wedding ring and I didn’t help at all and he did such a good job and I love it with all my heart
  9. My youngest sister was born on December 20th (the day before my birthday) and I really, really wanted her to be born on my birthday so we could share the day. Now I’m made aware that that was a very strange wish but I still totally wouldn’t mind sharing my day. So now instead of being exactly 11 years older than her I guess I’m technically 10 years and 364 days older than her
  10. My favorite Disney character is either Alice from Alice in Wonderland or Belle from Beauty and the Beast
  11. Growing up I was madly obsessed and in love with N*sync and Orlando Bloom (who wasn’t?)
  12. I wear a sheet mask every night and (try to) wear collagen eye pads every morning. Skin care is very important to me
  13. I really like to write and I credit my constant journal keeping from the time I was eight years old to this
  14. When someone asks me how old I am my mind immediately goes to 22
  15. I pretty much hate all forms of exercise except for yoga – I even used to teach it a little
  16. I’d rather watch a tv show than a movie – and my current favorite tv shows are Amazing Race, Parks and Rec, Jane the Virgin, Master Chef and Octonauts (hey i have a one year old, i watch a lot of disney junior)
  17. When I was little I had this recurring dream that Horace and Jasper (from 101 Dalmatians) would sneak into my house and kidnap me. It was completely terrifying and I swear its one of the things that made me the massive worrier that I am. To this day Horace and Jasper still freak me out – even though they’re really not that big of bad guys in the movie
  18. My family likes to tease me about my voice its high and kind of annoying but hey, I am who I am
  19. I learned to roll my R’s on the way home from Disneyland when it was snowing really hard and it looked like we were in Star Tours (a ride in Disneyland) so I kept yelling “Light speed to Endorrrrrr” over and over and over. I’m sure it didn’t make that drive home feel long at all bless my parents hearts
  20. I’m a big people pleaser to the point where it gives me anxiety and I stress out way too much about what people will think/feel and its really exhausting
  21. One time I was leaving on a date with this guy and it was winter and he opened his car door for me and I went to step in but somehow slipped and literally slid under his car
  22. I am pigeon toed and knock kneed so you can imagine the kind of impeccable coordination I have
  23. There was a time in my childhood (middle school i think) where I was fully convinced I sang just like Celine Dion
  24. I get really uncomfortable with confrontation, racial jokes, some swear words, teasing, etc. I have been made fun of and called a ‘softy’ or ‘Molly Mormon’ because of this but I’m actually kind of proud for sticking to my guns and not changing my thoughts or actions on these things just because people think its silly that I’m this way
  25. Lady Antebellum follows me on Twitter and thats my claim to fame (Marie Osmond follows my husband)
  26. I am a home body and would much rather be in comfy clothes with my family watching tv, eating junk food and playing with H

Well thanks for reading. Now back to your Christmas festivities! Woohoo!



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