Twas the Night Before Christmas Eve…

Twas the night before Christmas Eve and all through the house

there was crap everywhere because this week we’ve hardly been in the house.

The stockings were fallen in a mess on the floor

because a one-year old likes them there a little bit more.


The baby was crumpled all snuggled in bed

while he does his sleep-crawl and continuously bumps his head.

Dad in his sweats and I in mismatched cozy clothes

had just settled down to watch our favorite Christmas shows.


When I looked left to the kitchen and my heart nearly crashed

theres so much to do – clean, sweep, organize and take out the trash.

Away to the area I slowly walked like a sloth

and reluctantly started cleaning – where the hecks a clean cloth?


My husband was sweet and helped me clean up

he did all the dishes and cheered my stressed self right up.

When what to my sleepy eyes should appear

but a messy living room ever so near.


With a body so achey and tired and lazy

I decided instead to lay on the couch in a haze(y).

I just can’t do more today I really cannot

Except stay up for hours on social media – why not?


Tomorrow! Tomorrow! Tomorrow I’ll clean!

I’ll dust all the baseboards until they sparkle and gleam!

It will be Christmas Eve and my mom always taught me

Santa Claus does not come unless the house is all sparkly!


We watched Home Alone as I started self loathing

thinking how on top of cleaning I need to wash all the clothing.

Why in the world do I put these things off?

You’d think I would learn but quite obviously I do not.


Then as I hoped I was good enough this year not to get coal

I remembered I needed to order and pick up rolls.

Christmas Eve dinner after all is tomorrow

if we show up without them I will feel so much sorrow.


Quickly I contemplated crying because on top of all this

my freaking period decided Christmas week, it can’t miss.

It would be easy to flop on the floor

and yell and scream and thrash a bit more.


This whole week has felt frazzled and crazy and rushed

I had so much I wanted to do but some dreams got crushed.

And then my stomach flopped as I remembered something else

the Christmas Cards have yet to be sent to our friends and families house.


But hey, guess what? Its been a great season

We’ve been good about remembering the true reason.

We messed up the house but made holiday memories

which is better than cleanliness if you’re asking me.


This week doesn’t have to be perfect at all

it can be simple, messy and sleepy and we’ll still have a ball.

Our family of three is all here together

and maybe with our combined prayers we’ll get snowy weather!


Its easy to stress out and panic a lot

but I was smacked with perspective – so panic I will not.

Maybe tomorrow the house will get cleaned good

but if it does not, its not the end of the world.


Now it is time I skip off to bed to sleep

where I’ll stay up late thinking about Christmas morning – eep!

And now because if I ended this poem different it’d be a fright…



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