Christmas Traditions

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

Santa Claus comes tonight and its giving me all the feels. I love the anticipation and the excitement – and I’m so excited for H to get his gifts! This is our first Christmas that we’ll be doing Christmas morning just as our family of three (we’ll go to our extended families later in the day) and its really exciting to start making our own Christmas traditions special to our little family. Our traditions aren’t anything fancy and probably not that clever either, but they’re something we look forward to and make our Christmas week special. Some of our traditions are:

  • Sibling Gift Exchange. We set aside one night where we meet with all of Wild Man’s siblings and their spouses and exchange gifts with our secret sibling. Everyone is creative and throws in so much humor. This is something I look forward to throughout the year.
  • Christmas parties with extended families. I have a very small extended family (each of my parents just have 1 sibling) and Wild Man’s dad is one of thirteen – so party sizes vary greatly, but we look forward to each of them.
  • Christmas Elves! On Christmas Eve at my families house growing up Christmas Elves would stop by and put a Christmas ornament or two under our tree! The elves always have funny names and we’re so excited that the elves are coming to our house too!
  • Christmas Pajamas. This year just H is getting Christmas jammies because the ones Wild Man and I got last year are super cute and we love them.
  • Christmas Dinner. Wild Man’s mom puts on a nice, yummy dinner on Christmas.
  • The Nativity Story. I like being reminded of the true meaning of Christmas. I’ve always loved having a spiritual reminder before we go to bed on Christmas Eve.

What are you Christmas traditions? Any we need to adopt?



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