2016 in Review

So lots of people have hated 2016. And yeah, some real annoying, sad, bad things happened. But if we are being honest, I admit that I’m definitely in the minority — I had a good 2016. Our family had a happy, healthy year and a lot of good, fun stuff happened! There were numerous Disney trips, lots of family time, huge milestones for H, Wild Man and I made some really cool goals, etc. I’m always excited for a new year and a clean slate, but I have thoroughly enjoyed the year 2016.

In January

  • We got a private tour of the new Provo City Center Temple with Elder Richards and Elder Bednar
  • We were still basking in the newborn phase with our little 2/3 month old
  • My grandpa passed away (which is actually sad) but we were able to reflect on his incredible life and looked through so many pictures of him and celebrated his life as a family

In February

  • We bought our house and moved in and everything went flawlessly and our house has been a dream
  • We had the German Dinner with Wild Man’s family

In March

  • Our sweet baby H was blessed by his dad
  • I was brave and chopped my hair off in a lob (that i’m now growing out)
  • We celebrated Easter

In April

  • We got to watch my sister nail it in her dance competitions
  • The weather got warmer and we were able to finally introduce H to the outdoors

In May

  • I got to celebrate my first Mothers Day
  • We had a really, really awesome Disneyland vacation with my family
  • We saw Captain America: Civil War
  • H turned six months old
  • We went to Moab with Wild Man’s family

In June

  • We celebrated Wild Man’s birthday with a fun pool party
  • Lots and lots of swimming
  • I started my mom and babies swim club
  • We had a fun FHE in the canyon with Wild Man’s family

In July

  • We went to Stadium of Fire, watched my sister perform (as a speciality dancer) and loved Tim McGraw’s performance
  • Disneyland turned 61
  • H started mastering pulling himself up on things
  • We went to Lake Powell for a week

In August

  • Lots and lots of pool time
  • My mom got a big surgery and we got to take care of her
  • We went to my families beautiful condo in Eden

In September

  • We had a fun campout in the canyon near our home
  • Fall finally started happening
  • September holds several birthdays in both of our families so we had lots of get togethers

In October

  • We went to Eden again and watched General Conference
  • Wild Man dislocated his shoulder badly in a mountain biking accident
  • My favorite Disneyland trip ever happened
  • We dressed up as the 7 Dwarfs for Halloween

In November

  • Sweet Baby H turned one
  • We had our four year anniversary
  • We had Thanksgiving in California (the Bay Area)
  • We put up our Christmas stuff

In December

  • We had Christmas!
  • I turned 26
  • We saw the lights at Temple Square
  • Lots of family parties and get togethers

It was a fun year an I’m looking forward to seeing what 2017 brings me and my cute family!



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