January GBOMB

My friend Danica does a monthly GBOMB and fora while they have been my favorite posts of hers. Sometime in December she posted about how much she loves them and encouraged other bloggers to start doing them and as soon as I read this I knew I definitely wanted to jump on this bandwagon and I’m so excited to finally start. GBOMB stands for good, bad, on my brain and its a fun way to journal the good things, the bad things and the things on my mind throughout the current month. With any luck mine will be half as entertaining as Danica’s.



  • H folds his arms during prayers now and beams excitedly the entire time. For quite a while we had to force his arms folded and he fought it, but it looks like its paid off!
  • H can also locate his belly and his tongue and he is so proud of himself.
  • I finished my spa! We have been in this house a year and I’ve played around with different ways to decorate and theme my spa in my basement and just couldn’t ever find anything I loved. For my birthday in December Wild Man got my logo printed out HUGE on a vinyl sticker for my wall and it looks amazing and really got the ball rolling. Now my spa is decorated and its perfect and the theme is exactly what I wanted. I’m so excited about it. Now everyone come get facials, lashes and all that fun stuff, k?
  • My attitude is getting better about our new Primary calling. Wild Man and I teach Sunbeams and after the first week teaching I was just not feeling it and was kind of angry about it. Why would they call a couple with a one year-old to this calling? I felt like we were just babysitting three year-olds for two hours, plus our own kid and I wasn’t a happy camper. But then we had a really good week in Primary two weeks later and THANK GOODNESS because its greatly changed the way I feel about this calling. Now lets hope it continues!
  • I’ve ate an insane amount of raspberries and chocolate chips – my favorite snack.
  • I know I’m in the minority, but I’m loving this snow. It helps that it makes H SO happy. I love taking him out to play in it and I think its so pretty.
  • I did a 7 Days of Disney challenge on my blog and it was so fun. I don’t know if people really cared about the post but I loved it. I wear Disney apparel pretty much daily, but it was fun to be more thoughtful about it and document it. I’m doing this again sometime for sure.
  • This is my shoutout to sheet masks. I’ve been wearing them every day-ish for a while now and my skin is so happy and healthy and I owe it all to the masks. Also, Wild Man lets me put masks on his face every once in a while and it makes my heart pitter-patter. There isn’t much thats more exciting for me.. (i’m weird) img_3786


  • Poor H has fallen and hit his head really good and got himself some impressive goose eggs in the process. I know its all part of the age and perfecting his walking, but it sure doesn’t make it any easier to watch.
  • Teething. I don’t need to say anything else.
  • I had high hopes of eating healthy in 2017 and I’ve started the year off horribly. Oh theres candy? Great, I’ll eat way too much of it. Chips? You know I’ll down it. Ice Cream? 100 scoops for me please. Healthy food? Nah, I’m full. You know, because I ate all the junk food surrounding me.
  • H and I have been sick for the past week and its exhausting. Lets just say we are keeping the Kleenex company in business.
  • Why is my child in love with the toilet? Like when will this obsession end? And why must he try SO hard to drop stuff (such as toothbrushes, my glasses, cups, bath toys, etc) in it?
  • I’ve been really emotional about H turning 14 months old. I think it hit me all the sudden that he’s not a tiny baby anymore. Its hard! IMG_3716.jpg


  • We have a new President now and whenever there is big change that happens and I know its upsetting to people I get anxious. I want everyone to get along. I want everyone to try their best to be happy and be kind, but of course that isn’t the case. I just hope nothing really awful happens.
  • On the 24th we hit the year anniversary of my grandpa passing away. I had really mixed emotions about this day. That year was really fast and also really slow. But mostly, how has it already been a year? It made me do a lot of thinking about my grandpa. What is he doing? I hope he visits us often. I miss him.
  • During January I knew eleven families/people that went to Disneyland and you bet I was jealous! Our family needs a Disney vacation STAT. Wild Man’s brother and his family are there while I am typing this post and earlier my sister-in-law sent us a video of my nieces first time on Big Thunder Mountain and you guys, I CRIED when I watched it. Disneyland is the best.
  • My sister got a Crawfish. Its both terrifying and fascinating. H loves it. She adores this creepy crawly. He holds peas in his little claws and I’ll admit, thats really cute. Or as cute as a crawfish can get I suppose. And yes…apparently it tries to escape. Yikes.img_3819
  • I am good at daily scripture study and prayer. I’m not sure why those are things I’ve never really struggled with, but I haven’t missed a day in years. But I’m looking to up my game. I’m actually pretty excited to add General Conference talks, Ensign articles, acts of service, more meaningful Family Home Evening’s, etc to my daily/weekly spiritual schedule.
  • I was doing really well at daily exercise in January until H and I got sick. I hate how that happens. I finally feel like I’m getting into the habit then something comes along and kills it. I’m really hoping that as soon as I feel good I’ll be able to jump back into it. I’m going to be in good shape in 2017! Yes I am, yes I am, yes I am! (this is me fighting with myself)





Magical Monday: 7 Days of Disney

At least half of my wardrobe is Disney apparel. And you may think I am joking, but I am not. There isn’t anything better than wearing something Disney. The other day when I was putting away laundry I was laughing at how many Disney shirts I have, then I started thinking of all the other Disney apparel I own and came up with this brilliant idea. 7 Days of Disney. For seven days I will be documenting the Disney I wear every day. I actually try to incorporate Disney into my wardrobe every day. Sometimes its statement pieces that are blatantly Disney and sometimes its more subtle. Sadly some days just don’t get any Disney but believe me when I say I’d be happiest if I always was donning something Disney. So for this whole week I will be sharing pictures of how I incorporate Disney into my every day dressing. I also recruited some other family members to do this with me! Hope you enjoy!


Alice in Wonderland is one of my all time favorite movies so any time I see a shirt with an Alice quote I’ve got to have it! This shirt says “Do you suppose she’s a wildflower?” and its everything to me. I also have small white Mickey Mouse earrings today.

H went with a very relaxed Disney look today. A Monsters Inc shirt (from Disney Store) and a Mickey Mouse zip-up hoodie from Disneyland (not pictured) and his beloved Mickey Mouse slippers that he has on 98% of his life.

My cute little sister decided to take part as well. Today she wore a shirt that sums her up perfectly. It says “I just want to bake stuff and watch Disney movies.” Isn’t it the best??


Today was a sick day so it was comfy clothes, no make up and messy hair. Poor H has had a terrible cough and a fever and I think I’m starting to get it now too. But that didn’t stop the Disney magic!

I wore a Little Mermaid shirt from Target and some Disneyland sweatpants with Mickey Mouse on the hip. Fun fact, these pants are a childrens XL so they are short, but for some reason I just can’t get rid of them!

H wore pants that matched mine, but they’re much cuter on him! He also wore a winter R2D2 shirt from Target and some Mickey Mouse socks (from Disneyland I think?)


My sister nailed her look this day. Her shirt is the best and I need one. It is from Disney World and its retro and amazing! She also had some Belle socks on.

My mom didn’t want a picture taken but she had an awesome Disney shirt on so I’m sticking that on here too. How great is it??



Another sick day. How come any time I try to be cute and fashionable for a week someone in my family ends up getting sick so I pretty much wear comfy clothes the whole week? Is the universe trying to tell me something?

Since we were home all day I decided to wear a comfy t-shirt and in attempt to feel a little more human since I started feeling really sick too, I wore jeans – the comfiest pair I own. I love this t-shirt so much. I found it on Instagram and HAD to have it! It says Magic Kingdom Mountain-Ears Co. and names Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain. So clever. So perfect. Also please notice my cute Mickey face socks. I also wore small black Mickey earrings. (at the end of this post I’ll show all the earrings I wore throughout the week)


My sweet, sick baby just wore a comfy Mickey Mouse onesie from H&M. He looked comfy, cozy and oh so cute.


My sister went simple today with a Mickey ring from Pandora – one of the greatest rings I’ve ever seen.



I planned on todays ‘outfit’ being Disney pajamas – and that is what happened. Except I didn’t really get good outfit pictures. We are still sick sick sick and before I got a good picture of H he had a blowout (thanks stomach aches) and my pajama shirt got a whole bunch of snot on it from H (thanks awful cold) so we were a mess and didn’t really et a picture, so this is what I have to work with.

My pajamas are a set from Disney Store a few years ago and they’re my favorite pajamas I own. I think they’re mens but they’re great because they are so big and comfy. I was able to wear these most of my pregnancy too so I feel like that speaks very strongly for how cozy they are. H also is wearing Disney Store jammies that make him look like Woody from Toy Story. Nothing better.

My sister wore one of my all time favorite Disney shirts. We (i have one too) got it on a recent trip to Disneyland at Tower of Terror before it closed. Its an Annual Pass exclusive shirt and its magical. I love it and she looks great in it!



I didn’t go as blatantly Disney today. I actually wore no Disney clothes, but I did wear my Disney castle earrings and a few Disney bracelets. I wore a Pandora bracelet with only Disney charms, a couple Alex and Ani Disney bracelets and a Cinderella bracelet that looks like an Alex and Ani. Its a simple, less obvious way to add Disney into your daily outfits.



I decided to have H’s outfit not so blatantly Disney, as well. His shirt says “Never Grow Up” and is from Gap, from a Peter Pan line they had. And of course, he had Mickey Mouse socks on and wore his Mickey slippers most the day. He also decided to wear a cute Mickey Mouse baseball hat around the house for a good portion of the day.

My sister wore a shirt I wore earlier in the week! Great minds think alike:) Its the ‘Do You Suppose She’s a Wildflower’ raglan. And she’s adorable.




I felt so miserable all day Saturday. So please don’t be too harsh about my appearance. Yikes. I wore a Haunted Mansion t-shirt and I literally laid on the couch ALL day. Thank goodness for a sweet husband who was awesome about taking over all the house and parenting duties. Also, H somehow didn’t get a picture. He just had some Disney socks on though so I guess you aren’t missing too much.


My sister looked so good. Lets just think about her outfit and not mine, k? She wore a Tiki Room shirt and she wore Epcot Nike’s! I am so jealous of them. She looks awesome.



My sister wore a favorite Disneyland shirt form D23. Wild Man also has this shirt and its one that every time they wear it I am so glad people in my family own it. Its a really cool shirt!


I got Wild Man in on the Disney action today! He actually is really awesome about always wearing Disney on Sunday. Today he wore a Disneyland Raglan, H wore some awesome Mickey Mouse hammer pants (heck yes!) and I had my classic Mickey Mouse Disneyland sweatshirt that I wear like six days out of the week because I love it so much. Also, H wasn’t really feeling pictures and we both felt gross (still) and my hair is weird. But hey, its a picture of our Disney! (except that Wild Man’s is totally hiding)..


Some of the earrings I wore throughout the week.




January Beauty Talk

What do you think about doing my Beauty Talk but in video form? I’ve dabbled with the idea of doing a YouTube video for my monthly Beauty Talk just because when it comes to skin care and make up and such I have a lot to say and its obviously easier to say live as opposed to typing out a review. Its just a thought. Will February’s Beauty Talk be a video or a blog post? Only time will tell.

I’m starting this post off with these Minnie Bow earrings that are my new favorites. I always have Disney earrings in and more often than not they are Mickey shaped, so when I saw these I knew I had to have them because they were a little different but still obviously Disney. They are dainty and adorable and make me so excited.


I got this shadow blending brush in my most recent Ipsy bag and I’m a huge fan. This does so good at blending shadows so there aren’t any harsh lines. I’ve been using this a lot for my crease color and its so easy to use and gets the job done.


This is Super-Hydrating Eye Cream from Air Repair. I’m an eye cream junkie and have a lot, but I have been returning back to this one over and over again. Its light but super hydrating and I swear when I put a bunch on at night I wake up and my under eyes look better than they did the night before.


I ordered tons of sheet masks off of Amazon a few months ago. These two brands (Dermal and The Saem) have been my favorites. Their masks target a ton of different skin concerns and they really do work! They smell really great and they are cooling and comfortable — and make for awesome selfies.


I was ordering some products off of Ulta the other day and came across this Firming Night Cream from Burt’s Bees and figured why not give it a try? Its not the best night cream I have ever used, but I really like it. I love that its not greasy or heavy but I can tell I have something on my face. And the smell is phenomenal.


I have been using the Cantu Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream for a little over a year now. I use it after I wash my hair and work it into the length of my hair and it leaves my hair noticeably smoother, less tangly and shinier and just prettier.


This blush is from Model Co. and is in the shade Peach Bellini. Its a nice peach color thats simple and easy to apply and blend. I will especially love using this in the summer.


I am in a pickle when it comes to foundation. I can’t find any foundation I love right now so I’ve been trying a lot. A beauty YouTuber I follow really likes the Maybelline Fit Me foundation so I gave it a go. I don’t hate it you guys. It matches my skin really well and it goes on really, really nice. I hate the packaging though. You have to dump it into your hands. Ew. I much more prefer a pump. So the search for the perfect foundation continues.


I love this Lipsense color in Beige Champagne. This is my most recent go-to. Its a neutral with a  hint of pinky/brown in it. I love it a lot.




The Motherhood Project: Courtney

Back by popular demand – The Motherhood Project! I am excited to be featuring a mom every week on my blog! If you want to be featured or know someone you would like to nominate to be featured, read the information at the bottom of this post and we’ll make it happen! xo

“Being a mom has changed me, it has given me new goals and dreams, it gives me a purpose. It has helped me with patience, compassion, sympathy, unconditional love.”

Name: Courtney | Child: Bentley, 9 months


Did you enjoy your pregnancy?: When I found out I was pregnant I was only 4 weeks along and was so excited. We took a few pregnancy tests, but the second line was always so faint so finally I went and got my blood drawn to get a for sure answer! It’s crazy all the thoughts and emotions that go through your head when it is finally real! I dreamed of that moment throughout my whole childhood and now it was really happening! I thought I was in the clear from morning sickness until it hit really hard around 6 weeks and lucky me it lasted until I was 17 weeks pregnant. I threw up constantly usually 2-3 times a day. My normal daily activities made me nauseous such as brushing my teeth, taking a shower, driving. Haha don’t worry I still did all these things, but it definitely wasn’t enjoyable. Then of course with pregnancy comes hormone changes, my poor husband. You know he is a keeper when he sticks around through all the crying, puking, and getting mad for no reason. Then after 17 weeks it was uphill I started feeling baby move. I finally looked pregnant not chubby, and things started getting closer and closer. Third trimester is the biggest test of patience! You finally hit 30 weeks and for some reason your brain things ok I am ready, but baby isn’t and you still have the longest 10 weeks ahead of you. Accompanied with body aches and not sleeping very well, I waited and waited! Looking back now I am grateful for those last few weeks. My baby was so big in there I could see him move and feel everything he was doing. I loved being pregnant and and excited for when I get to experience that again.

How was your delivery experience?: I walked into one of my one week check ups at 8am and 37+5 weeks pregnant and I knew something was off. I didn’t sleep at all the night before I was up with body aches and a few contractions. So right when i walked into my doctors office to get checked in my water broke. I felt a huge gush of water down my legs I went to the bathroom and yes I was definitely my water. I walked out of the bathroom and told my doctor I thought my water broke, she took me into the room to check and yes it had broke and it was time for my little man to come. She wheeled me over to L&D and I got checked In and changed. She checked to see if I was dialated and I was only at a 1+ she let me labor until about 3 then I asked for an epidural! Finally some relief. They started pitocin at 4 and by 5 I was a 6, they checked again an hour later and I was at a 10!! Finally time to push! I started pushing at 6 and pushed and pushed, my epidural stopped working from my waist up so I could feel all my contractions in my stomach and had really bad back labor. I pushed on my side for most of my delivery. Finally after 3 hrs of pushing my sweet boy made his entrance sunny side up with his umbilical cord wrapped around his head. They plopped him on my tummy cut the cord and rushed him to the bed to do some respiratory work. Luckily I didn’t tear! Finally my sweet boy was here, 6lbs 12oz and 20 inches long. And the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

What’s your biggest struggle when it comes to being a mom?: Being a mom I have struggled with sleep deprivation, I am still nursing and that drains me. He is still eating through out the night and then of course through the day so I feel tired constantly, but I wouldnt change that for anything, I am so grateful for our breastfeeding journey! Us moms always push through it though right. To help with energy I make sure to drink water and eat enough to maintain my energy and produce milk for my baby.

What’s your biggest strength when it comes to being a mom?: When I became a mom I realized I am a pretty patient person. All the crying and rocking baby to sleep can be frustrating. In the beginning I thought I knew what was best turns out my baby did. I just have to watch for his ques to help schedule his day. Recognize when he is tired or hungry or not feeling good. I have noticed that he needs a night time routine to wind down in order to go to bed. Patience comes easier when you are always around your child when you know what to expect and you know what those little ques are.

What is your parenting style?: I never want to enable my child. I love watching him explore, get dirty, and have fun. Of course there are some boundaries on that when it comes to safety because if I let him he would be sticking his little fingers in every outlet in the house. He loves to play in the dogs water and food bowl, and sometimes I let him he just wants to splash or feel the dog food between his fingers. Babies are so curious and I have loved letting and watching him explore that and find new textures and figure out how things work by touching them or putting them in his mouth.

What is your favorite part of the day with your child/children?: Mornings, my little man wakes up so happy and talkative. He is constantly smiling and laughing. We wake up and get the toys out I love watching his little mind start working so quick, he wants to touch every toy and crawl all over the house, say good morning to the dog of course by crawling all over his bed and pulling on his ears!

Who is an inspiration to you when it comes to motherhood?: My mom, she has raised me in a way that taught me to love myself to trust myself and she always made sure to tell me how much she trusted me. She was always transparent as a mother. She has taught me all I know about being a mother. She has the answers to all my questions and supports me in all I do. She has always made sure I know how much she loves me and that is something I will always make sure to tell my children!

Advice for fellow mothers who need a little boost?: Just keep trying, none of us are doing it right we are all just trying. And what is best for us is probably the worst for many others. Motherhood is a game of trial and error. Just keep smiling through it and keep trying.

Where is your favorite place to shop for yourself? Favorite place to shop for your child/children?: For myself I love shopping at hope avenue, old navy, or target! For my baby I love h&m, and old navy!

What’s one product for yourself you can’t live without? Favorite product for your child/children?: COCONUT OIL!!! We both use this and I use it for everything moisturizer, shaving cream! And it is the only thing I use on his skin! It gets rid of red bum and makes his skin so soft!

How has being a mom changed your life?: Being a mom has changed me, it has given me new goals and dreams, it gives me a purpose. It has helped me with patience, compassion, sympathy, unconditional love. It has helped my marriage the connection and love we have for eachother has grown so much. It has modivated me to do things like get into shape or make more money! Being a mom is challenging and rewarding and the best thing I have ever done!

*If you have anyone you’d like to nominate to be featured on the blog (yourself included) send me their email or phone number and I will contact them/you! ceeceesparkles@gmail.com


H and I have had a rough week. About a week ago H started coming down with a fever and a horrible, phlegmy cough and had a really, really bad runny nose. You could just look at his sweet eyes and see how sick he was. He was very mellow and watched movies all day on the couch and just wanted to cuddle. It really broke my heart because he is normally so active, wiggly, loud and is very busy. Then a couple days ago I woke up with a very sore throat and a bit of a cough. I can only assume that H also has a sore throat since I felt it once I got sick too. Poor kid. Now my ears feel plugged and I can’t pop them, my throat is on fire, my body is achey and my cough and runny nose are still going strong. Poor, sweet H has pretty much beat the fever, but is still coughing, phlegmy, has a runny nose, and is mellow. Oh, and on top of all that he is teething which is HARD! He has one of his top teeth now and the other is going to pop through any second, I swear. I’m thinking there is another on the bottom thats really close as well. I guess its ‘nice’ to get it all over with at once, but its made for a rough week.

I have felt really lucky to be able to spend pretty much the entire week just one-on-one with my baby, though. Even if we were quietly snuggled on the couch watching Zootopia, Wreck It Ralph or Finding Dory for the thousandth time it was so special to be close with him and not have him fight the million kisses I gave him or push away from my hugs (one year olds don’t have time for that mush it turns out).

This is just my way of trying to find the positive side to all this coughing and fatigue. And here is a picture of us a few weeks ago, much healthier. Heres to hoping we’ll be back to normal quickly!




Better Than Any President

Politics. Like 90% of social media is just political talk now I swear. I hate it, I’ll be honest. I don’t really love politics. I respect it, I know we need it and all that but I hate that it can so often turn people into mean, ugly monsters who say crude, evil, judgmental things. I’m a softy and when I feel like all I’m hearing is judgements (true or not) that are mean my gut hurts a little more with each tweet or article heading I read. I fully understand everyone is entitled to their opinion and everyone has the right to share their opinion and thats fine! That is why you’ll never see me tell someone that they shouldn’t say what they said. I don’t decide who gets to say what and why and where and all that. All I can do is decide what I say and decide how what other people say effect me. Because of who I am, what people say really effects me – good or bad.

No one is going to like everyone. Again, totally fine. I can’t even imagine how Molly Mormon and prude-like I’m going to sound when I say I guess I was raised with the “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothin’ at all” mentality. I have certain people I will share my ‘not nice’ comments and opinions with, but I generally like to keep them to myself. This is also likely because I will bend over backwards and do a million backflips in an attempt to avoid any and all confrontation. Haha. I get teased for wishing I lived in a Disney Princess world and the more I type the more I see that this is so true. Am I 26 or 6?

How about I get onto what I really want this post to be like before I keep talking about what a baby I am with political talk.

I am not going to share who I voted for. I will say that voting was hard for me this time because I wasn’t in full support of anyone running. (is anyone every 100% in full support of a presidential candidate?) But regardless, Donald Trump is now the President of the United States. This is me, personally and you do not have to agree with me, but I am choosing to accept this and I will respect him as our President. That is just who I am and not at all who you have to be. I do not agree with all that he does or what he has said and if I think too much about it I get a little nervous for…a lot. Now that I’m a mom I have found I am always thinking about how something will effect my child. I’ve thought so much about the state of the world lately and how its going to effect H. I have thought about what celebrities say, what the President says, what neighbors say and even about what some family says and I get so worried for the world my son and future children are growing up in. It can be scary! Obviously there are a lot of good things in this world too and I like to believe and hope my children will stay on a good path that will find them happy and rising above negativity, etc, but its still in my nature to be a little hesitant.

But then the thought hit me. Who is going to be a more prominent, powerful, constant example in my sons life? The President, or me?


I am the one who my son sees, interacts with and watches closely every day. I am the one he mimics and copies. I am the one, right now, who he idolizes, loves and keeps a very close eye. My impact on my son is far greater than the impact of any President, no matter how I, or others, feel about him.

So instead of worrying about what people in the spotlight are going to do and how it will effect my son, I need to be far more worried with what I am doing and how my example and how my actions are going to effect him. I’m a far more prominent force in his life and I plan to ensure that I am someone who he can look up to, strive to be like and is proud of. To my son and my future children I can be FAR better than any President.



Juggling Act

I am pretty much a stay at home mom. I have the spa in my basement but a bonus about owning my own spa is that I make my own schedule thats convenient for me and my family. So I still consider myself a stay at home mom. And when you’re a stay at home mom that entails several things – such as cleaning. But you guys. Cleaning gives me severe mom guilt.

I promise I’m not saying this in hopes that it will give me an excuse not to clean anymore (although wouldn’t that be great?) When I take a chunk out of the day to clean, or even take a few minutes to straighten something around the house I feel so guilty. I think its because right now H is at the age where he needs to be able to see me at all times, preferably touching me and playing with me. So when I’m cleaning I am in and out of rooms and moving too quickly for him to be able to grab me so then he follows me around the house crying or reaching for me – and that makes me feel guilty!

Even when its only a few minutes I feel sad when I can’t give him 100% of my attention. I know this sounds crazy and it probably is but this is how I feel. I know a few other moms who I have talked to about this and they literally look at me like I’m an insane person and basically say “you make time to clean and your kids going to live, promise” and I believe that. I still do make time to clean and I’m proud to say my house generally looks very nice considering a one year-old tornado goes through it a million times a day, but that does not make it any easier.

I clean and the entire time I’m doing so I feel lousy and I feel like I need to apologize. I know it doesn’t really bother H. Sure in the moment he is sad but the second I get down on the floor with him he forgets about it. But I don’t. I think about it the rest of the day then I go to bed with a pit in my stomach and a build up of anxiety that I brought on myself. Its a cruel, evil cycle.

But I do want to state that I absolutely believe that a happy, played with, cared for, looked after child is FAR more important than a clean house. It actually really bothers me when people say they don’t have time to hold their newborn or they don’t have time to play with toys with their toddler because they needed to make sure the house was spotless and in tip-top shape. Isn’t being their mother like…the most important thing? Who cares if it looks like your living room is Santa’s workshop! There are kids in your home making memories, having fun and learning! Nothing is more important than that!! I’m not even going to get started on this because believe me I could rant like no ones business on this subject. Everyone moms the way they feel best. Thats what I remind myself.

Anyway. I will say that I definitely shirk housewife responsibility far more than I opt out of playing with my son. And I feel good about that. Really good.

A couple days ago I cleaned my house really good. I literally did every single house job except for laundry and it was sparkling by the time I was done with it, thank you very much. I was excited with how good it looked and how fresh it smelled. But then there was my cute little guy sitting on the couch watching Finding Dory and before I could feel any more pride in my housekeeping-ness, in set the harsh guilt. Is anyone else like this? Or am I really just that crazy? Maybe don’t answer this question actually. I just mostly needed to vent and get it out in hopes that I could make some sense of it.


I love my job. I love being a stay at home mom and I love learning every day how to be better at it.