New Years Resolutions for the Little One

This morning I was reviewing the New Years Resolutions I’ve made for myself while my cute little one-year old sat at my feet and tried his best to shove his Mickey Mouse figurine between my toes and then all the sudden an idea hit me. He needs some resolutions for the new year, too! So we chatted it over a little bit and came up with this list.

H’s 2017 NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS (in his own words)

  • Perfect my walking game, get down running and eventually learn jumping
  • Expand my vocabulary – mama, dada, wow, dog and no are great words – but theres a lot of other awesome words out there to learn
  • Keep giving awesome giant hugs and kisses – maybe learn to contain the slobber a bit – just maybe
  • Continue to get excited about every single book I lay eyes on
  • Point at ALL the things
  • Play with dogs every chance possible
  • Feed myself with a fork/spoon – I’m so close, the skill just needs a little fine tuning
  • Sleep through the entire night – 2017 is my year for gooooooood sleep
  • Keep rocking nap time
  • Be outside lots and lots
  • Go on a hike with mom and dad
  • Help mom organize my closet and dresser (mom made me add that one)
  • See if I can scream louder than I currently can
  • Learn more body parts because I’m sure there are more than just my belly and eyes
  • Get more teeth – preferably painlessly
  • I’ll contemplate cutting back on the biting and pinching
  • Yell out the window twice as much as I did in 2016
  • Get over my obsession of the toilet and putting everything inside of it (another one mom made me add)
  • Learn to walk faster to the dish washer before mom and dad close it so I can ‘help’ load/unload the dishes
  • Keep my socks on
  • Sit still and sit quietly during church – jk I’m gonna keep speed crawling/walking away from my parents and scream at the top of my lungs when they catch me – and at random times throughout the three hours there on and I’ll also see how many women bags I can get into without them noticing
  • Work on my killer dance moves
  • Watch lots of movies and Disney Junior with my parents
  • As always, love on my mom and dad, follow them around and give them the best loves they’ve ever received and constantly remind them how special they are to me


He made a good list didn’t he? He’s a good one. (also the picture above is him giving me a huge kiss – my favorite!!)



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