Magical Monday: Guilty Pleasures

Have you ever noticed when you talk to people about Disney Parks there are always a few things they say they love but they seem maybe slightly embarrassed about? This kind of makes me laugh because I guess when I’m in a Disney Park I decide to fully embrace being a complete Dis-nerd and geeking out and not caring at all what people think about my outfit, my actions, my purchases, etc. As I’ve thought more about this though I’ve decided I kind of have these things too, the only difference is I have named these my guilty pleasures of Disney. These are the things I ‘secretly’ love to do/see/buy/experience while in the park but don’t necessarily advertise. Do you get me? I thought this would be kind of a fun topic to talk about on todays Magical Monday. So these are my guilty pleasures but I am very, very curious what yours are!

  • People Watching: Wild Man introduced me to the love of people watching. My favorite places to park myself are near Haunted Mansion or around the Hub at the end of Main Street and just sit and watch. People are entertaining. I love seeing their outfits, hearing bits of their conversations, looking at what merchandise their kids are holding and all that. Its quality entertainment.
  • Eating A LOT: Just ask my family, I am constantly suggesting we eat again when we are in the park. I don’t know if I burn calories quick (no probs not) or if I’m just that much of a foodie, but I want all the Disney food. I have my favorites – corn dogs at Stage Door Cafe, Dole Whips from Tiki Room, caesar salad at Pizza Port, Chili Cone Queso’s from Cozy Cone.
  • Parades: Parades are the bomb. Its a way to sit and just let your brain relax from forward planning your day and watch as amazing floats and fun characters pass by.
  • Pins: My obsession has slightly (but only slightly) dwindled the last few years but I’ve got a pin collection that I am proud of! I used to spend all of my Disney money on pins and I tried to make sure each pin I bought meant something to me. I love that because now when I look at them, most of them have a memory, a story or remind me of something that was going on at the time I bought it.
  • Meeting Princesses: I love meeting all of the characters, but there must be enough ‘little girl’ in me that I still freak out when I meet a princess. They’re so magical and graceful and they literally give me goosebumps. My family sometimes likes to tease me about a trip a couple years ago where I met Snow White and she was PERFECT. I couldn’t even stand how much I adored her.
  • Window Shopping: Sometimes I just can’t buy all the things (darn) but its really fun to daydream and hold everything.
  • Ride the Train: You know the train that circles the park? I love it. Currently its not actually running (while they build Star Wars Land) but when it is I adore riding in it. Again, its a great way to sit and relax, people watch, grab a snack, etc. There are some neat things to see and it holds a soft spot for me because of Walt Disney’s great love of trains.

So now that we have talked about a few of mine, what are yours?! I’m curious.



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