Magical Monday: Disney Princesses

I love all things Disney, but one of my very, very favorite parts about it is its princesses. I have been obsessed since day one. The Little Mermaid caught my attention at a very young age and ever since then I am hooked, passionate and a huge fanatic. You get asked all the time who your favorite princess is but very seldom unless you’re conversing with a fellow Dis-nerd and have some time to kill, do you share your whole list of Disney princesses in order of how you like them. So that is what we’ll be doing today. For the purpose of this post I will be talking about Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana, Rapunzel, Merida,  Anna and Moana. There are thirteen total and I will start with my least favorite and work up to my very favorite. (and for those of you who pay attention, no, anna is not officially a princess yet, but in my mind yes she is – and for the sake of this post, yes she is. also elsa is not a princess – she is a queen)

*I feel like I should include that this was SO hard for me and its totally possible that my order will change next week, or even tomorrow. My top three are solid, but after that it gets tricky. I genuinely love all the princesses and just because some are further down my list doesn’t mean that I don’t like them. In fact, I quite love my #12. Ok. I feel better now after saying that. 


#13 Merida – Just because Merida is sitting in last place doesn’t at all mean that I don’t like her. In fact, I quite like Merida. She’s spunky, true to herself and gets stuff done. I guess the reason I put her here for the time being is based off of her story. If I were to sit down to watch a princess movie with the way I’m currently feeling while typing this post, I think Brave is the movie I’d be least likely to select. But remember, this list is subject to change.

#12 Mulan – Any girl who disguises herself as a man to ensure her fathers safety and actually trains and goes to war takes the cake in my book. Like…can you even imagine the bravery? She is awesome and I would definitely say is the toughest Disney princess.

#11 Snow White – I have multiple soft spots for Snow White. She is the first Disney princess. She’s the original. Plus her movie was released on December 21st, which happens to also be my birthday. Snow White is a classic and you just can’t forget her awesomely high voice and the way she just invites herself into a house and decides to clean it just because. And for some reason whenever I watch the movie I wish I was friends with the Seven Dwarfs, too.

#10 Cinderella – Cinderella taught me that the dream that I wish will come true and I’m not even being sarcastic here, thats a lesson I will never forget or undervalue. Cinderella’s story is a classic fairytale that just melts me. She is beautiful, she is so kind and is treated so poorly but never retaliates and in the end karma plays out and she ends up with Prince Charming. Also I’m really jealous of her ability to wear glass slippers and still dance the night away with what seems to be no pain.

#9 Jasmine – When I was little I would always pretend I was Jasmine and I’d pretend my grandparents dog was Rajah and I swear in my mind it was just perfect. I always loved Jasmine’s pretty long hair and the fact that she’s sassy and feisty and stands up for what she believes in. I admire that in a lot of the Disney princesses, probably because I myself wish I could do that more.

#8 Pocahontas – This movie actually makes me bawl (the whole If I Never Knew You part and then the end when they say goodbye….UGH) so I have to be in the right mood to watch it. But lets talk about Pocahontas. She is amazing. I remember when I was younger I had her fake tattoo from a Halloween costume and I’d attach it to my arm and then try my best to do her crouch/run – and of course I always had to make sure my hair was down so it would hopefully move as amazing as hers did. Pocahontas is brave and what makes her even more incredible is that hers is a real story! What she did took serious guts and I am really impressed by that. I also love how stoic and mature she is. There is something so calming and captivating about her.

#7 Anna – Anna has the best attitude and for some reason the scene in Frozen when they show her waking up with drool dripping from her mouth and crazy bedhead warms my heart and makes me happy to know that not all Disney princesses wake up looking like a million bucks. I love how friendly Anna is and how she believes the best in everyone and is true to her quirky self. Plus she’s adorable.

#6 Tiana – If there were ever a Disney princess who was a shining example of hard work, dedication, perseverance and starting from the bottom and working her way to the top, Tiana is that princess. No joke whenever I watch Princess and the Frog I feel so motivated and girl power and pumped up.

#5 Moana – Ok, I know we haven’t known Moana long, and technically she hasn’t been introduced as a Disney princess yet, but I’m absolutely putting her on this list because I love and adore Moana. I love that she is built more realistically. I love that she listens to her heart. I love that she has the voice of an island angel. I love that she is best friends with a small pig. I love that she rocks a top-knot like no one else can. I love that her movie makes me happy. I love all things about her.

#4 Aurora – Just so we’re clear, I like her blue dress more than her pink dress. Which team are you on? Once Upon a Dream is one of my very favorite Disney songs – thanks for that, Aurora. She is so graceful and beautiful and has hair straight from heaven. The dress she wears when she lives in the woods with the fairies is a dress I’d happily wear every single day and call me old fashioned but I love the whole damsel in distress, prince braving dragons and evil henchmen to save her, story. Its another perfect classic.

#3 Rapunzel – How can you not love Rapunzel? I remember the first time I saw Tangled my jaw fell to the floor in awe. SUCH a good movie. The music is the best, the voices they used for their characters are perfect picks and the story is phenomenal. I laughed, I cried, I was and still am 100% obsessed. I love how Rapunzel is a go-getter, she’s brave, she’s honest, she is kind and she isn’t afraid to voice how she’s feeling. Its also pretty impressive that she can pull off 70 feet of blonde hair and also a short brown bob – not everyone can do that, you know.

#2 Ariel – The Little Mermaid is the first princess I ever became obsessed with. My parents will tell many stories about me being die-hard for ‘Mernaid.’ She is a free spirit and yeah, she’s a little disobedient and gets herself into trouble and many dangerous situations but she’s a natural adventurer and I respect her for that. She is young and carefree and learns a lot of lessons along the way and I’m not even kidding I feel like I learned those lessons along side her and thats partly why I grew up to be such a goody-goody. Part of Your World is a song that I will never tire of, too.

#1 Belle – Belle will forever and always be my number one. When I was little I think she was my favorite because of how incredibly pretty she is, and because we both had brown hair. But now that I really know her, its so much more than just her looks. She is so kind, she’s determined and hard working, she is loyal, she knows there is more to a person than how they look or the rumors you’ve heard about them, she is brave, she is intelligent, she stands up for what she knows is right and so much more. I want her to be my daughters (heck, my sons too) role model because she is everything a person should strive to be. Oh Belle, I love you.



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