H and I have had a rough week. About a week ago H started coming down with a fever and a horrible, phlegmy cough and had a really, really bad runny nose. You could just look at his sweet eyes and see how sick he was. He was very mellow and watched movies all day on the couch and just wanted to cuddle. It really broke my heart because he is normally so active, wiggly, loud and is very busy. Then a couple days ago I woke up with a very sore throat and a bit of a cough. I can only assume that H also has a sore throat since I felt it once I got sick too. Poor kid. Now my ears feel plugged and I can’t pop them, my throat is on fire, my body is achey and my cough and runny nose are still going strong. Poor, sweet H has pretty much beat the fever, but is still coughing, phlegmy, has a runny nose, and is mellow. Oh, and on top of all that he is teething which is HARD! He has one of his top teeth now and the other is going to pop through any second, I swear. I’m thinking there is another on the bottom thats really close as well. I guess its ‘nice’ to get it all over with at once, but its made for a rough week.

I have felt really lucky to be able to spend pretty much the entire week just one-on-one with my baby, though. Even if we were quietly snuggled on the couch watching Zootopia, Wreck It Ralph or Finding Dory for the thousandth time it was so special to be close with him and not have him fight the million kisses I gave him or push away from my hugs (one year olds don’t have time for that mush it turns out).

This is just my way of trying to find the positive side to all this coughing and fatigue. And here is a picture of us a few weeks ago, much healthier. Heres to hoping we’ll be back to normal quickly!




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