The Motherhood Project: Courtney

Back by popular demand – The Motherhood Project! I am excited to be featuring a mom every week on my blog! If you want to be featured or know someone you would like to nominate to be featured, read the information at the bottom of this post and we’ll make it happen! xo

“Being a mom has changed me, it has given me new goals and dreams, it gives me a purpose. It has helped me with patience, compassion, sympathy, unconditional love.”

Name: Courtney | Child: Bentley, 9 months


Did you enjoy your pregnancy?: When I found out I was pregnant I was only 4 weeks along and was so excited. We took a few pregnancy tests, but the second line was always so faint so finally I went and got my blood drawn to get a for sure answer! It’s crazy all the thoughts and emotions that go through your head when it is finally real! I dreamed of that moment throughout my whole childhood and now it was really happening! I thought I was in the clear from morning sickness until it hit really hard around 6 weeks and lucky me it lasted until I was 17 weeks pregnant. I threw up constantly usually 2-3 times a day. My normal daily activities made me nauseous such as brushing my teeth, taking a shower, driving. Haha don’t worry I still did all these things, but it definitely wasn’t enjoyable. Then of course with pregnancy comes hormone changes, my poor husband. You know he is a keeper when he sticks around through all the crying, puking, and getting mad for no reason. Then after 17 weeks it was uphill I started feeling baby move. I finally looked pregnant not chubby, and things started getting closer and closer. Third trimester is the biggest test of patience! You finally hit 30 weeks and for some reason your brain things ok I am ready, but baby isn’t and you still have the longest 10 weeks ahead of you. Accompanied with body aches and not sleeping very well, I waited and waited! Looking back now I am grateful for those last few weeks. My baby was so big in there I could see him move and feel everything he was doing. I loved being pregnant and and excited for when I get to experience that again.

How was your delivery experience?: I walked into one of my one week check ups at 8am and 37+5 weeks pregnant and I knew something was off. I didn’t sleep at all the night before I was up with body aches and a few contractions. So right when i walked into my doctors office to get checked in my water broke. I felt a huge gush of water down my legs I went to the bathroom and yes I was definitely my water. I walked out of the bathroom and told my doctor I thought my water broke, she took me into the room to check and yes it had broke and it was time for my little man to come. She wheeled me over to L&D and I got checked In and changed. She checked to see if I was dialated and I was only at a 1+ she let me labor until about 3 then I asked for an epidural! Finally some relief. They started pitocin at 4 and by 5 I was a 6, they checked again an hour later and I was at a 10!! Finally time to push! I started pushing at 6 and pushed and pushed, my epidural stopped working from my waist up so I could feel all my contractions in my stomach and had really bad back labor. I pushed on my side for most of my delivery. Finally after 3 hrs of pushing my sweet boy made his entrance sunny side up with his umbilical cord wrapped around his head. They plopped him on my tummy cut the cord and rushed him to the bed to do some respiratory work. Luckily I didn’t tear! Finally my sweet boy was here, 6lbs 12oz and 20 inches long. And the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

What’s your biggest struggle when it comes to being a mom?: Being a mom I have struggled with sleep deprivation, I am still nursing and that drains me. He is still eating through out the night and then of course through the day so I feel tired constantly, but I wouldnt change that for anything, I am so grateful for our breastfeeding journey! Us moms always push through it though right. To help with energy I make sure to drink water and eat enough to maintain my energy and produce milk for my baby.

What’s your biggest strength when it comes to being a mom?: When I became a mom I realized I am a pretty patient person. All the crying and rocking baby to sleep can be frustrating. In the beginning I thought I knew what was best turns out my baby did. I just have to watch for his ques to help schedule his day. Recognize when he is tired or hungry or not feeling good. I have noticed that he needs a night time routine to wind down in order to go to bed. Patience comes easier when you are always around your child when you know what to expect and you know what those little ques are.

What is your parenting style?: I never want to enable my child. I love watching him explore, get dirty, and have fun. Of course there are some boundaries on that when it comes to safety because if I let him he would be sticking his little fingers in every outlet in the house. He loves to play in the dogs water and food bowl, and sometimes I let him he just wants to splash or feel the dog food between his fingers. Babies are so curious and I have loved letting and watching him explore that and find new textures and figure out how things work by touching them or putting them in his mouth.

What is your favorite part of the day with your child/children?: Mornings, my little man wakes up so happy and talkative. He is constantly smiling and laughing. We wake up and get the toys out I love watching his little mind start working so quick, he wants to touch every toy and crawl all over the house, say good morning to the dog of course by crawling all over his bed and pulling on his ears!

Who is an inspiration to you when it comes to motherhood?: My mom, she has raised me in a way that taught me to love myself to trust myself and she always made sure to tell me how much she trusted me. She was always transparent as a mother. She has taught me all I know about being a mother. She has the answers to all my questions and supports me in all I do. She has always made sure I know how much she loves me and that is something I will always make sure to tell my children!

Advice for fellow mothers who need a little boost?: Just keep trying, none of us are doing it right we are all just trying. And what is best for us is probably the worst for many others. Motherhood is a game of trial and error. Just keep smiling through it and keep trying.

Where is your favorite place to shop for yourself? Favorite place to shop for your child/children?: For myself I love shopping at hope avenue, old navy, or target! For my baby I love h&m, and old navy!

What’s one product for yourself you can’t live without? Favorite product for your child/children?: COCONUT OIL!!! We both use this and I use it for everything moisturizer, shaving cream! And it is the only thing I use on his skin! It gets rid of red bum and makes his skin so soft!

How has being a mom changed your life?: Being a mom has changed me, it has given me new goals and dreams, it gives me a purpose. It has helped me with patience, compassion, sympathy, unconditional love. It has helped my marriage the connection and love we have for eachother has grown so much. It has modivated me to do things like get into shape or make more money! Being a mom is challenging and rewarding and the best thing I have ever done!

*If you have anyone you’d like to nominate to be featured on the blog (yourself included) send me their email or phone number and I will contact them/you!

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