January GBOMB

My friend Danica does a monthly GBOMB and fora while they have been my favorite posts of hers. Sometime in December she posted about how much she loves them and encouraged other bloggers to start doing them and as soon as I read this I knew I definitely wanted to jump on this bandwagon and I’m so excited to finally start. GBOMB stands for good, bad, on my brain and its a fun way to journal the good things, the bad things and the things on my mind throughout the current month. With any luck mine will be half as entertaining as Danica’s.



  • H folds his arms during prayers now and beams excitedly the entire time. For quite a while we had to force his arms folded and he fought it, but it looks like its paid off!
  • H can also locate his belly and his tongue and he is so proud of himself.
  • I finished my spa! We have been in this house a year and I’ve played around with different ways to decorate and theme my spa in my basement and just couldn’t ever find anything I loved. For my birthday in December Wild Man got my logo printed out HUGE on a vinyl sticker for my wall and it looks amazing and really got the ball rolling. Now my spa is decorated and its perfect and the theme is exactly what I wanted. I’m so excited about it. Now everyone come get facials, lashes and all that fun stuff, k?
  • My attitude is getting better about our new Primary calling. Wild Man and I teach Sunbeams and after the first week teaching I was just not feeling it and was kind of angry about it. Why would they call a couple with a one year-old to this calling? I felt like we were just babysitting three year-olds for two hours, plus our own kid and I wasn’t a happy camper. But then we had a really good week in Primary two weeks later and THANK GOODNESS because its greatly changed the way I feel about this calling. Now lets hope it continues!
  • I’ve ate an insane amount of raspberries and chocolate chips – my favorite snack.
  • I know I’m in the minority, but I’m loving this snow. It helps that it makes H SO happy. I love taking him out to play in it and I think its so pretty.
  • I did a 7 Days of Disney challenge on my blog and it was so fun. I don’t know if people really cared about the post but I loved it. I wear Disney apparel pretty much daily, but it was fun to be more thoughtful about it and document it. I’m doing this again sometime for sure.
  • This is my shoutout to sheet masks. I’ve been wearing them every day-ish for a while now and my skin is so happy and healthy and I owe it all to the masks. Also, Wild Man lets me put masks on his face every once in a while and it makes my heart pitter-patter. There isn’t much thats more exciting for me.. (i’m weird) img_3786


  • Poor H has fallen and hit his head really good and got himself some impressive goose eggs in the process. I know its all part of the age and perfecting his walking, but it sure doesn’t make it any easier to watch.
  • Teething. I don’t need to say anything else.
  • I had high hopes of eating healthy in 2017 and I’ve started the year off horribly. Oh theres candy? Great, I’ll eat way too much of it. Chips? You know I’ll down it. Ice Cream? 100 scoops for me please. Healthy food? Nah, I’m full. You know, because I ate all the junk food surrounding me.
  • H and I have been sick for the past week and its exhausting. Lets just say we are keeping the Kleenex company in business.
  • Why is my child in love with the toilet? Like when will this obsession end? And why must he try SO hard to drop stuff (such as toothbrushes, my glasses, cups, bath toys, etc) in it?
  • I’ve been really emotional about H turning 14 months old. I think it hit me all the sudden that he’s not a tiny baby anymore. Its hard! IMG_3716.jpg


  • We have a new President now and whenever there is big change that happens and I know its upsetting to people I get anxious. I want everyone to get along. I want everyone to try their best to be happy and be kind, but of course that isn’t the case. I just hope nothing really awful happens.
  • On the 24th we hit the year anniversary of my grandpa passing away. I had really mixed emotions about this day. That year was really fast and also really slow. But mostly, how has it already been a year? It made me do a lot of thinking about my grandpa. What is he doing? I hope he visits us often. I miss him.
  • During January I knew eleven families/people that went to Disneyland and you bet I was jealous! Our family needs a Disney vacation STAT. Wild Man’s brother and his family are there while I am typing this post and earlier my sister-in-law sent us a video of my nieces first time on Big Thunder Mountain and you guys, I CRIED when I watched it. Disneyland is the best.
  • My sister got a Crawfish. Its both terrifying and fascinating. H loves it. She adores this creepy crawly. He holds peas in his little claws and I’ll admit, thats really cute. Or as cute as a crawfish can get I suppose. And yes…apparently it tries to escape. Yikes.img_3819
  • I am good at daily scripture study and prayer. I’m not sure why those are things I’ve never really struggled with, but I haven’t missed a day in years. But I’m looking to up my game. I’m actually pretty excited to add General Conference talks, Ensign articles, acts of service, more meaningful Family Home Evening’s, etc to my daily/weekly spiritual schedule.
  • I was doing really well at daily exercise in January until H and I got sick. I hate how that happens. I finally feel like I’m getting into the habit then something comes along and kills it. I’m really hoping that as soon as I feel good I’ll be able to jump back into it. I’m going to be in good shape in 2017! Yes I am, yes I am, yes I am! (this is me fighting with myself)




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