Magical Monday: 16 Years of California Adventure

On February 8th Disney’s California Adventure turned 16 years old! Can you even imagine going to Disneyland Resort and California Adventure not being there? I can hardly remember the time when DCA didn’t exist. I do, however, remember when they started construction on California Adventure and I was SO excited! The Disney Park is getting bigger? Heck yes I’m in support of that!

California Adventure is amazing. I feel like it went through a few years of *finding itself* but now that its all figured out, its a great, magical park. It houses some of my favorite attractions, Little Mermaid Ariel’s Undersea Adventure, Radiator Springs Racers and Toy Story Mania. And once, Tower of Terror…

I remember the first time I ever saw World of Color and I lost my mind and all my chill. I totally bawled and had goosebumps throughout the whole show. There is no show comparable to World of Color and every variation they have done of it has been spectacular. I remember when Cars Land opened and it was so exciting. We were in DLR right before it opened and I remember standing on benches trying to peer over the construction blockers to get a peek of the new land, or going on Screamin’ California and studying unopened Cars Land as best as I could before the ride was over. I remember the first time eating at Ariel’s Grotto being in love with the desserts and the great view we had from our seats. I remember going on Goofy’s Flight School (originally Mulholland Madness) and laughing so hard as my guts were rearranged by how rough that ride is. I remember the first time going on Grizzly River Rapids and getting soaked. There are so many fun memories from California Adventure. Its taken on a whole new level of magic as we have taken H there and been able to watch him take it all in. I love this park and I am so glad that 16 years ago (+ a few days) such a magical place was opened to the world.

(this was the first trip Wild Man came on to DLR with me and my family)




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