Everybody is a Somebody


My word of 2017 is Kindness and I have really been enjoying making sure I am focusing on this. There is always room for a little more kindness in my corner of the world (and the rest of the world). I haven’t been perfect and I can think back to several dozen different times when I definitely could have been more kind, but its a work in progress. Something I have noticed even just two months into this goal of being kinder is that I have managed to program myself to catch myself if I’m not being kind or if my thoughts aren’t very kind. I am able to catch myself so much quicker than I used to and have been working on fixing my thoughts or actions quickly.

The other day someone I follow on Instagram posted the quote, “be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody” and I haven’t been able to really forget about that phrase. For the next little while I am going to replaying this in my mind on a daily basis in hopes that it will help me in my little journey of becoming kinder. You know those people in your life who you just really love and are really comfortable with because they are so kind? They make you feel loved, valued and special and you leave them feeling better about yourself. I can think of several people in my life who are like this and I know they always make me feel like a somebody. I want to be like that. I want to be the person that is known for making people feel good about themselves.

I guess thats really all I have to say in this random post. I just really wanted to share that quote I found in hopes maybe it can inspire a few more people to spread kindness!



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