February GBOMB

Oh February. I’m glad you’re about over. You took me on a ride – a rollercoaster of emotions and I just wasn’t prepared for that.


  • I got to meet a few of my friends tiny babies this month. Is there anything better than a newborn fresh from heaven? Oh my heck.
  • I got a lot of new make up and nail polish this month and some of those items were my saving graces. I guess I’m one of those girls that spirits can be lifted by a new eye shadow palette or new facial cleanser. I’m not ashamed.
  • Yoga. I have been more disciplined in my yoga practices this month in hopes to make myself happier and less stressed and anxiety ridden. Its working. I love yoga.
  • Last Sunday we had an amazing time in church! The last three Sunday’s I have cried in church because of how hard its been (a wiggly one year old and a loud, rowdy sunbeam class will do that to an anxiety monster such as myself) so this was a huge feat! H was so good and though the still tried his darnedest to stay as far away from us as possible all three hours, he never had a meltdown! And our primary class was so reverent and made me feel like maybe they are paying attention and listening and learning! Hooray!
  • It was warm enough at one point to go feed the ducks in our neighborhood by the creek. This is one of H’s favorite things to do and its an excuse to get out of the house and have a change of scenery. #blessed
  • We had a few playdates that were so much fun for both H and myself. I’m so glad I have friends with kids that are near the same age as H. It feels good to know my son will have as good of friends as I do. IMG_4203.jpg
  • Our Valentine’s Day was nice and lazy. We ate delicious steak, courtesy of Wild Man and spent time together, just the three of us. It wasn’t anything special but it still was special to us.


  • Its just been one of those days…all month long. You know when you’re on your period and hormones are just raging and your happy, then your ticked, then your sad but you don’t know why, then you’re stressed out, then theres so much anxiety and then you’re crying and it won’t stop? Thats been me all month. Why? Good question. I have no idea. I just really hope March is a cheerier month.
  • I’m attempting to be healthier. Maybe this should be under the ‘Good’ list, but its making me grumpy so its under ‘Bad.’ I have even tried to really monitor the amount of Diet Coke I drink (ugh) and… ew. I know I need to be healthier so I’m proud of myself for sticking to it, but at the same time I want all the Diet Coke! I want all the sugar! I want all the carbs! I want all the ice cream! I want all the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups!
  • H has been throwing a lot of fits lately. We just had his 15 month well check and I was informed this is very normal and actually healthy, but sheesh! He is a dramatic little guy when he wants to be! We are talking throwing his body to the floor, screaming and hitting kind of tantrums. I am trying to distract him with happy things when he does this and sometimes it works but other times it ends in me being whacked by his flailing arms. Its real fun.



  • I have been wanting to do more service but I realize thats about as far as I get. I want to – but don’t actually do anything. Am I really so lazy that I can’t share some of the cookies I make with a neighbor, or go visit someone I know needs to talk? People around me are so kind and are giving me service all the time. Why am I so lame and rarely do it back?
  • I want to re organize my kitchen. But at the same time I don’t because that sounds like a lot of work (oh my gosh i’m so lazy).
  • I’m looking for a course to improve my penmanship. Or more my fancy writing. I have a chalk board I write little quotes or phrases on in my house and I love it but I wish I had more or a lettering repertoire to give the chalk board. If you have any suggestions or helpful hints I would love to hear!
  • Do I want to start collecting Disney magnets? Do I? I already collect a lot of Disney stuff, but lately Disney magnets have been calling my name. I don’t even understand why exactly but I have the itch.
  • I’m really glad I brought back The Motherhood Project. Its so fun to read about moms and their strengths, struggles, stories and their advice to other moms. It feels empowering and I really hope its a place where moms turn to get refueled and remember there is no ‘right’ way to mom and no one has all the answers or does it perfectly.





One thought on “February GBOMB

  1. Give yourself a break, my dear, you have had a lot of illness to contend with lately – we are in the winter blah months! You are a wonderful mother, and you are human! When your dad was little and threw a temper tantrum, I would ignore him and do the dishes or some other chore and when he didn’t get attention the tantrums got fewer and then went away. But I won’t mention the terrible twos! Oh, darn! Sorry I just did! I love you all so much I wish you could just have sunshiny days – they will be here soon!

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