Howdy, March!


I am so excited that its finally March! I feel like I’m now just getting into the swing of this new year (can I call it a new year still in March?) and I’m ready to get serious about my goals and new things I want to try. I know I said this in February and then ended up not having the best month, but I’m really eager for this month and to see what it brings. I also have realized I have a soft spot in my heart for March because two years ago in March we found out we were pregnant with our sweet baby H! It just makes it a little more special to me.

This may come as a shock to you but I’ve actually been really good the last few weeks about being healthy. As awful as it is, I’ve drank a lot less Diet Coke and ate a lot less sweets. I have also made exercising a much bigger priority in my life than I had in the last several months. I’m proud of myself! I don’t plan on losing steam this month, either. I’d actually like to up my game a little bit if at all possible. I’m very much a realistic person, so I’m not about to set goals like work out every day for 2+ hours, eat super clean and drink only water. Yeah, no. I’m not about that life. But the little changes I have been making and try to continue making are actually paying off. Its a lot more ‘fun‘ to be healthy once you’ve got the ball rolling and are seeing and feeling some results – even if they are tiny.

February was not a good cooking month for me. I can’t even tell you how many times I dropped the ball. My poor family was probably so done with me and the food I made. It was lame and I put very little effort into it. But this month I’ve already pinned several new recipes I’m looking forward to trying and we are going to incorporate a lot more healthy food into our diet. Is this lame of me to be so excited about this? Is this proof I’m finally an adult? Perfect.

Basically I’m just going to be a lot more proactive about making sure this is a good month and that I’m a good person during this month.

Happy March, friends!



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