Weekly Happy

I probably sound like a broken record by now, but again, it wasn’t the most stellar week. However due to some happenings this week and love and support from amazing friends and family I have had a much, much easier time programming my brain to focus on how blessed I am rather than focusing on the more negative stuff. So yeah – it wasn’t a good week, but there were SO many miracles and blessings in this week. 

One: I have an amazing family. Of course I have always known this but sometimes you just get those moments that remind you just how incredible they are. And gosh I lucked out. I have phenomenal, strong parents and the cutest, sweetest, most special and lovely sisters. I’m thankful that we are an eternal family and I’m so thankful for how close we are. 

Two: I am grateful for my parient, caring, understanding sweet husband. Do you know what a mess I would be without him?? He keeps me sane, he wipes my tears and he does all in his power to ensure there is a smile on my face. He has stayed up really late to talk to me when I just need to vent then wakes up early in the morning and doesn’t complain about his lack of sleep. I am so impressed by him and so thankful he’s my guy. 

Three: Windows make me happy. And before you think I’m completely crazy for saying this, let me explain why. It’s amazing what sunshine can do to your spirit. It’s freezing outside right now so it’s not always easy to go out, but I have found that opening up all the windows is almost just as good. It lets light in your house and into your soul (I don’t care how cheesy that sounds, it’s true) and can warm a room and bring a happier mood along with it. Our main floor of our house has several big windows and I’ve never been so thankful for something so silly. 

Four: Ok here’s another odd one. I am so happy that texting is a thing. I love being able to communicate with people this way. I know it’s not always the most personal or sincere, but it’s helpful, it’s convenient and it’s easy and it has helped me stay close and connected to so many people. 

Five: I just can’t say enough good things about my son. He is a light and he brings people so much joy and happiness. He gives big hugs, slobbery kisses and somehow he just knows who needs a little extra love and the exact perfect way to give it to them. He is incredible and absolutely one of my grandest, happiest blessings. 



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