The Motherhood Project: Sarah

” It has made me more patient with myself, and has taught me that things don’t have to be “picture perfect” in the moment in order to enjoy it, and that there is power, connection, and beauty to be found in being vulnerable.”

Name: Sarah | Child/Children’s Names/ages: B-4, P-3, L-2, O-10 Months, Pregnant with Baby F.


Did you enjoy your pregnancy?: There are so many things that I love about it! I had serious morning/pregnancy sickness until delivery day with our first four babies, [and currently have it with our 5th,] which meant/means lots of throwing up and lots of IV’s during most of it, but there are still so many amazing parts of pregnancy that I really enjoy!:)

How was your delivery experience?: I know everyone’s experience is so different, but I have felt like delivery is so magical. With our first baby, I had a long and rough labor, got a fever and antibiotics, and pushed for 3 1/2 hours. I still think it was a beautiful experience, and at the end of it I was holding a perfect baby boy in my arms. With our second, I had a Pitocin-induced labor, but wanted to try unmedicated and was able to do that. Our third and fourth babies were also unmedicated hospital births! I feel like every way that a baby gets here is a good one and am a huge advocate of women feeling empowered about giving birth!:)

What’s your biggest struggle when it comes to being a mom?: In terms of struggles on the physical side, I’ve had a hard time keeping my milk to nurse longer than 4-6 months! I’m totally open to feeding my babies any way that will get them the nutrition they need, but at first it was hard emotionally since it’s something I wanted to do and felt that my body should be able to do. But, it worked out and all I can ask for in that department is for happy and healthy kids, which they are!

What’s your biggest strength when it comes to being a mom?: Although I definitely have my moments, I don’t feel like I get too worked up over small things and can laugh off a lot. Which, I feel might be kind of necessary with soon to be 5 kids ages 5 and under! Haha!:) I also try to document each child the best I can so that we can remember each stage!

What is your parenting style?: I don’t know if I really have a style, but I like the kids to make choices, even if they are simple ones. There are rules and boundaries that are expected to be obeyed, especially because they are simple and the kids have agreed to them and even helped us set most of them. We can be strict, but we like to have fun! We [usually, haha] like to hear them out and understand “Why” they did something. We feel like it’s important to make sure they each feel special and that they know they make us happy every time we greet them. We are still figuring out rules and discipline as we go along, and I think since they are all so little, the way we interact with them and discipline will change over time as they get older and understand more!

What is your favorite part of the day with your child/children?: They are so happy in the morning!:) Also, when they have preschool and come home, lunch is so fun to hear them talk about their day. Sometimes afterwards we wind down to nap time with a movie, which I love, since snuggles are the best.

Who is an inspiration to you when it comes to motherhood?: I feel blessed to have so many Moms who I look up to! I have a dear friend with 8 kids who is so sound in her beliefs and the way she teaches her kids; it’s really inspiring. I feel the beautiful responsibility of wanting to make sure I’m taking the adequate amount of time daily to teach our children about things that are important to us as a family, which means anything from family prayer and studying out of the scriptures, to having simple conversations about why it’s important to be kind.

Advice for fellow mothers who need a little boost?: Oh man, I don’t feel like I’m qualified to give advice, haha, but I feel like it’s important to remember what an important work it is that we are doing. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like “enough,” [and other times it might feel like “too much!”] but it is so crucial. I also think it’s important for Moms to have hobbies! So, if there is anyone who feels lost within themselves and in what they are doing, I would encourage them to start saying, “Yes.” Yes to new opportunities and experiences, even if you think you’ll be “bad” at it. You never know what you will fall in love with unless you try! Even if your hobby is taking a bath…sometimes simple things can help us feel validated and happy and can help us remember who we are, or give us the space to clear our minds and steer ourselves in the direction of who we want to become.

Where is your favorite place to shop for yourself? Favorite place to shop for your child/children?: I like the Costco kids’ section for comfy PJ’s and Jane for both me and the kids!:) I like finding sales online and if I go into a store, it’s usually TJ Maxx or Tai Pan.:)

What’s one product for yourself you can’t live without? Favorite product for your child/children?: I don’t know if it’s technically a product…but chocolate and Nutella should be near at all times.;) I also love my Stekki Bebe wrap because it makes traveling, playing, or swimming with a baby so much easier. Also, my triple stroller. Haha! I might not leave the house as often without it!

How has being a mom changed your life?: I have learned and am constantly learning SO much. I now understand that all-consuming love that a parent can have for their child, and I know that your capacity to love your children and others only grows and grows with each one! By nature, I would like to think I’ve always been this way to some degree, but as a Mom, I feel slow to judge and quick to feel genuine and deep joy for others in their triumphs and sincere love, compassion, and concern in their pain. Being a Mom has brought to my attention and even highlighted my weaknesses, but also my strengths. It has made me more patient with myself, and has taught me that things don’t have to be “picture perfect” in the moment in order to enjoy it, and that there is power, connection, and beauty to be found in being vulnerable.

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