Weekly Happy: I Love My Family

This post will be a little different than my Weekly Happy posts usually are. Today I just wanted to gush about my little family for a minute.

I am so so grateful for my husband and my son. I know this behavior isn’t uncommon, but I get overwhelmed really easily when I think about how blessed I am to be the wife and mother in this little family.

I knew back when Wild Man and I were newlyweds that I was lucky. I knew he was always going to be a great husband and that he would make a terrific father someday, but he has never ceased to exceed my (high) expectations of the kind of husband and father he’d be. I have never met someone so selfless, who is such a hard worker, so dedicated to his role as a father/husband and who is such a genuine sweetheart. I’m inspired every day by his optimism and his natural happy demeanor and friendly personality. Everyone who meets him loves him (especially the older ladies haha!) because he’s such a charmer and so charismatic. He is loyal and I know that he loves me. He will set aside his wants and the important things he needs to do if he can tell I need to talk or if I’m struggling or needing help with something. He is a very busy guy but he never lets a day go by where he doesn’t spend quality time with H and remind him of how loved and special he is.

My little one year old son is the greatest. He has placed a joy in our home that I don’t think we realized we were missing so badly. He keeps us happy and always is giving us a reason to smile and plan 1,000 more kisses on his squishy little cheeks. He gives these heart-melting hugs and gives you kisses exactly when you need them most. He possesses a natural light that can lift spirits around him. Wild Man and I have said many times we feel like H is a healer because so often he can figure out which person in the room is hurting and he gives them extra attention, snuggles and love and how can a happy, sweet baby not heal you, you know? He is friendly, flirty and kind and even though he is still young I can tell that he wants to do good – he is happy when he does things he knows are good (i know this because he typically applauds himself) and I really hope this is a trait he keeps with him as he grows up.

My family makes me so happy. They fill my heart full with love and joy. I am so blessed to be a part of this.



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